Thank you Creators,

Thank you creators of free civ, it is one of the best free stratagy games Ive played in a long time, I just have one thing that may help you out, go to some dev sites and ask for some graphic programers to help you out, the graphics could use some work, as a long supporter of your work, keep it up :)

Compared to Wikipedia, this Wiki-based internet page is very difficult to use by someone who is not "insider". I was trying to find very simple information about the game, like which civilizations are included in the game. I tried to search with words like "nations", "countries" and "cililizations", I read many articles and looked at some categories, but with no results. I am exhausted, but still I have no idea about some of the essential features of the game. Please make some sense to this Wiki! Or at least add all the useful information on Wikipedia page about this game. 15:52, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

I have a little sympathy for that enquirer. The links I have added to his or her paragraph will show the more active users that there are a few gaps. However:
"which civilizations are included in the game" is hardly essential to getting to know about a made-up game; and one of the links the enquirer seems to have used would have led to a page that says how new civs can be added by anybody, which may well be why nobody has clearly listed which civilizations are included in the game;
the game is far too big to have all its useful information on one page or even several Wikipedia pages, which is why it is described here (in much more detail than the Wikipedia "notablity" standards would admit).
Robin Patterson 04:29, 24 August 2008 (UTC)