The following hotkeys are for Freeciv-web games and were inserted here because undocumented anywhere else. Edit
A Auto-worker- AI control worker/engineer to improve terrain*
B Build city or add this Settler to a city's pre-existing population. **
C Center map on focused unit
ctrl C toggle City Labels on map (allows better map viewing)
D Do - select a unit command for the unit. ***
shift D Disband unit (recycles unit into production if in a native city).
shift E build Airbase
F Fortify unit for 1.5x defence bonus
shift F build Fortress (makes a Buoy if on water)
G Go to - send unit to tile selected by clicking. (ESC - cancel)
H change unit's Home City to current city (must be inside city)
I Irrigate terrain
J No orders / do nothing
shift J Cancel orders - removes orders such as Go To or Sentry
L Load selected unit onto Transport (must be present in same city)
shift L Airlift unit
M Mine terrain
O Transform terrain
P clean Pollution
shift P Pillage - remove improvements on a tile (road, irrigation, fort, etc.)
R build Road
S Sentry - Rest unit on 'guard': wake up if other units come near.
T Transport unload - Remove units from transport (must be in city)
U Upgrade unit - pay gold to upgrade obsolete unit
W Wait - Procrastinate orders, unselect unit and select next unit
X Auto-Explore
Select multiple units - allows issuing orders to all units at once. Right-click again to complete box selection.
Get tile/city/unit information
* - Puts the AI in control of a worker's tile improvements. This is not recommended unless you are active in a game but forced to be idle for some turns. Edit
** - Warning, the Buy command in the city window can inadvertently send a Build command to a settler if it is the currently selected unit. Edit
*** - Do provides generic access to legal unit commands, including some options that may be inaccessible by hot-keys or standard menus. For example, "Help Build Wonder" for a Caravan that is already in a city but has no movement points to exit and re-enter.' Edit

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