The following hotkeys are for Freeciv-web games. While most commands are the same as GTK client, not all are identical. Edit
Freeciv-Web Hotkeys and Mouse commands
order icon modkey KEY COMMAND
Auto settlers default
A Auto-worker- auto-improve terrain using AI*
Build city default
B Build city or add Settler to city.
C Center map on focused unit
shift C Select units of same TYPE on continent (or sea.)
ctrl C toggle City Labels on map
D Do - select a unit command for the unit. **
Disband default
shift D Disband unit (recycle into city production).
shift E build Airbase
Fortify default
F Fortify unit (takes effect on NEXT turn).
shift F build Fortress (makes a Buoy if on water)
Goto default
G Go to - send unit to a tile (ESC=cancel)
Rehome default
H change Home City to current city
Irrigate default
Forest remove default
  • Irrigate terrain
  • Build Farmland
  • Chop Forest
No orders
J No orders = unit stops making Orders requests
Cancel orders
shift J Cancel orders - clears existing orders
L Load unit onto Transport (must be on same tile)
shift L Airlift unit
ctrl L Show Airlift Counter in city labels
Mine default
Forest add default
Oil well
  • Mine (on Hills/Mountains)
  • Plant Forest (on Grass/Plains/Swamp/Jungle)
  • Make Oil Well (on Desert)
  • Make Swamp (on Forest)
Transform default
O Transform terrain
shift N Detonate Nuke
  • clean Pollution  (Worker types)
  • Paradrop  (Paratroopers)
shift P Pillage - destroy tile improvements
Road default
Railroad default

build Road-type:

  • road
  • railroad
  • maglev ***
  • canal ***
  • well ***
shift R Revolution
S Sentry - wake when healed or if other units come near.
T Unload Transport
shift T Tax Rates
U Upgrade unit - pay to upgrade unit
shift U Select/Show all cargo units on transport
V Select ALL units on same tile
shift V Select ALL units of SAME TYPE on tile.
alt V Select ALL units NOT this TYPE on tile.
W Wait - Procrastinate orders, go to next unit.
shift X Select ALL units of SAME TYPE GLOBALLY.
Auto explore default
X Auto-Explore
shift < Return focus to last unit
SPACEBAR De-select Unit(s) + Cancel Go-To pathfinding
shift SPACEBAR Re-focus to previous map position
shift ENTER Turn Done (single player, multiplayer short-turn)
  • Select all units on this tile
  • Add all units on tile to current selection
  • Add unit from Units Panel to selection
Select units - allows issuing orders to multiple units.
Get tile/city/unit information .. (also see line below)
Get tile/city/unit information .. (same as middle click)
double-tap unit
Double tap unit then drag it to the new tile to move to.
double-tap map
Drag map view to new position. Release to stop.
F1 Map Tab ...(see also 'W')
F2 Government Tab
F3 Nations Tab
alt C City Tabs (also, F4)
F6 Tech Tab (Research)
F11 Prefs Tab (Options)
F12 Docs Tab (Help)
W Close pop-up dialog

Return to Map from any other window or tab

ctrl G Toggle Map Grid
ctrl S Save Game
VIRTUAL NUMPAD for users without 8 arrow keys:
alt U ↖ Move up-left (isometric WEST)
alt I ↑ Move up (isometric NORTHWEST)
alt O ↗ Move up-right (isometric NORTH)
alt J ← Move left (isometric SOUTHWEST)
alt L → Move right (isometric NORTHEAST)
alt M ↙ Move down-left (isometric SOUTH)
alt , ↓ Move down (isometric SOUTHEAST)
alt . ↘ Move down-right (isometric EAST)
* - Puts the AI in control of a worker's tile improvements. This is not recommended unless you are active in a game but forced to be idle for some turns. Edit
** - Do provides generic access to legal unit commands, including some options that may be inaccessible by hot-keys or standard menus. For example, "Help Build Wonder" for a Caravan that is already in a city but would use all its movement points by exiting. Edit
*** - Rare "road types" such as Canal or River are more easily accessed by the orders buttons or context menu. For keyboard, they may require hitting D to change "Extra Target" before giving the R command. (Ability to make Canals, Rivers, and Maglevs is not in all rulesets, and requires special units with special technologies) Edit
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