How to WIN! (The Remix)

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<small>Foreword: this guide was written while 2.1 was still in beta testing (6, to be precise). Further, this version was the author's first foray into Freeciv. This document was produced as a result of many gameplay trials testing city placement, tech development, and terrain and city improvements. </small>
<small>Foreword: this guide was written when 1.7.0 came out. There have been many subtle rule changes since, but as an overall strategy guide it is as valid as ever.</small>
First of all, this tutorial is very much a work in progress. In this author's effort to follow and learn from the previously written tutorials, the need to keep track of certain variables for measuring "efficiency" and progress resulted in the creation of this new tutorial. Naturally, any and all comments from veteran players are welcome and encouraged. ;)
First of all, we haven't been playing 1.7.x long enough to develop a *perfect* strategy, so this one isn't. :) This one is just adapted form the strategies commonly used in 1.0k. It could probably be improved upon. That's your job. ;)
The game is divided into several stages.
The game is divided into several stages.
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