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To update a ruleset from 2.2 to 2.3 you must do miscellaneous simple changes.

Needed Updates

The following instructions describe what you must modify to make your ruleset running with a 2.3 server.


  • Set ruleset format of every file to options = "+Freeciv-ruleset-Devel-YYYY.MMM.DD" during development. For freeciv 2.4 option = "+Freeciv-2.4-ruleset" should be used.
  • Terrain colors are now saved in the terrain.ruleset file. Add the colors as RGB (red/green/blue) values:
color.r = 0
color.g = 0
color.b = 200
  • Player colors are now saved in the game.ruleset using a table (playercolors.colorlist). They are also defined as RGB (red/green/blue) values:
colorlist =
    { "r", "g", "b"
      255,   0,   0


The following information describes what features have been added since Freeciv 2.3.


  • The cities.ruleset fiels now contain a section citizen with the configuration for the citizens.


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