To update a ruleset from 2.3 to 2.3.99 (will be 2.4 in the future) you must do miscellaneous simple changes.

Needed Updates

The following instructions describe what you must modify to make your ruleset running with a 2.3 server.


  • Set ruleset format of every file to options = "+Freeciv-ruleset-Devel-YYYY.MMM.DD" during development. For freeciv 2.4 option = "+Freeciv-2.4-ruleset" should be used.
  • Terrain colors are now saved in the terrain.ruleset file. Add the colors as RGB (red/green/blue) values:
color.r = 0
color.g = 0
color.b = 200
  • Player colors are now saved in the game.ruleset using a table (playercolors.colorlist). They are also defined as RGB (red/green/blue) values:
colorlist =
    { "r", "g", "b"
      255,   0,   0


  • replace the following lua access structures in the lua script (default.lua and script.lua):
    • unit tile: replace unit.tile by unit:tile()
    • city tile: replace city.tile by city:tile()
    • city size: replace city.size by city:size()


The following information describes what features have been added since Freeciv 2.3.


  • The cities.ruleset fiels now contain a section citizen with the configuration for the citizens.


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