This document describes how to convert freeciv 2.6 compatible soundset to development version (one that will become freeciv 3.0) compatible ones. Currently this goes up to compatibility with freeciv S3_0 commit cfcc09a954 (alpha2) 21-Oct-18.

Capability[edit | edit source]

Capability string of soundspec file must be changed.

options = "+Freeciv-soundset-Devel-2018-02-27"

Event tag rename[edit | edit source]

Event tag e_unit_win is renamed to e_unit_win_def. Update reference to it in the soundspec.

New event tags[edit | edit source]

For the new events, new event sound tags can be added if the soundset aims to be complete. New tags added in freeciv-3.0 are e_my_unit_did_heal and e_my_unit_was_healed.

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