To update a tileset from 2.4 to 2.4.99 (will be 2.5 in the future) you must add some new graphics and update the file format strings. Currently these instructions go up to compatibility with freeciv revision 22663.

The .tilespec file

  • Set tilespec format of every file to options = "+Freeciv-tilespec-Devel-YYYY.MMM.DD" during development. For freeciv 2.5 options = "+Freeciv-2.5-tilespec" should be used.

Use 'TRUE' and 'FALSE' instead of '0' and '1' for booleans

Here the list of affected settings:



'is_blended' renamed to 'blend_layer'

Change all is_blended = 1 type definitions to blend_layer = 1. (It was renamed to make it clearer that it's not a boolean option -- it specifies a layer number -- but there's no change in the meaning.)


  • The single roadstyle definition affecting all roads has been replaced by per-road-tag definitions. Remove old roadstyle = x setting and add section like this instead
styles =
    { "name",  "style"
      "road",  "AllSeparate"
      "rail",  "AllSeparate"
      "river", "River"

where "name" refers to road gfx tag. Old numeric style values have been replaced with textual values: 0 -> "AllSeparate", 1 -> "ParityCombined", 2 -> "AllCombined"

Tileset type

Old boolean setting is_isometric has been replaced with generic type setting. For tilesets that had is_isometric true:

type = "isometric"

For tilesets that had is_isometric false:

type = "overview"

The .spec files

Removing Rivers as terrain type cruft

Rivers as terrain, not special, like in civ1 has not been supported for a very long time, but our tilesets still contained related obsolete cruft. We've cleaned that from supplied tilesets now. You may want to do the same for your tileset if you have inherited it from the supplied ones. Tags beginning with "t.t_river" are the river as terrain ones.

More upkeep sprites (optional)

You can add sprites showing more than 2 upkeep for unit display in the city dialog, although if you don't change anything it'll work as before. Specify "upkeep.gold3", "upkeep.gold4" and so on potentially up to "upkeep.gold10" (and similar for "food", "unhappy" etc). Any unspecified steps use the previous sprite, and upkeep beyond 10 uses the last specified sprite.

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