Cygwin installation notesEdit

This page contains specific Freeciv installation information for the Cygwin platform.

See also the generic installation notes in Install.

Cygwin is a free Unix variant for MS Windows operating systems. Recent versions come with an X server, XFree86. This version of Freeciv has been tested with Cygwin DLL version 1.3.16 and its X server version 4.2.0.

To install Freeciv for Cygwin:

a) Install or update your Cygwin using the "Install Cygwin Now!" link on; many packages are required, and some are a good idea to have; examples:

     gcc, autoconf, automake, imlib, xpm, gettext, iconv, sdl, xfree
If you have the disk space, install everything, just to be sure.

b) If you want the GTK+ 1.2 client:

Install the GTK+ libraries. An easy way to do this is to use Hansom Young's binary distribution called "Cygnome", linked to from Follow the Cygnome installation procedure.

c) Get a Freeciv source tree (this file is in its top directory). Put it in a temporary place like /tmp. cd into it. To select the Xaw client, run

     ./ --with-xaw  [any other options e.g. --prefix=...]
To select the GTK+ client, make sure gtk-config and the GTK+ DLLs are in your $PATH. They will normally be in /opt/gnome/bin, so in bash you'd do
     PATH=${PATH}:/opt/gnome/bin; export PATH
     ./   [any other options e.g. --prefix=...]
If you get messages of missing or outdated components, install them. If you still have problems, read the RT tickets

d) Compile and install Freeciv:

     make install

You should now have bin/civserver.exe and bin/civclient/exe in the directory you installed Freeciv into (/usr/local by default). If 'make install' succeeds, the source code tree can be removed.

e) Test the reults:

   /path/to/civserver.exe  [any additional options]
will start the server, but you only need it for private games. To start the client, you need to run the X server (this can be done by typing 'startx'), then into a terminal type
   /path/to/civclient.exe  [any additional options]
If you installed the GTK+ client, make sure the GTK+ DLLs are in your path (see above).

More details on using server and client are in doc/README.

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