Largepox is a city placement playing strategy which favors wider spacing between cities, allowing them to grow larger later on for taking full advantage of the countryside surrounding area.

Server SettingsEdit

Largepox settings are specifically designed to counter smallpox strategies. Common settings used are notradesize, fulltradesize, and citymindist. This is to make players build large cities, that will give them lots of trade in a later stage of the game.

the Largepox Game settings used on are:

citymindist   + 3     (0,5)          Minimum distance between cities
fulltradesize + 9     (1,50)         Minimum city size to get full trade
notradesize   + 5     (0,49)         Maximum size of a city without trade

dispersion    + 2     (0,10)         Area where initial units are located
generator     + 3     (1,3)          Method used to generate map
startpos      + 4     (0,4)          Method used to choose start positions
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