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This is the project wiki for Freeciv, a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. The game commences in prehistory and your mission is to lead your tribe from the Stone Age to the Space Age...

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  • 31st Dec 20202.6.3 is a generic bugfix release in the stable 2.6 series.
  • 27th Nov 20202.6.2.1 is a bugfix release in the stable 2.6 series, fixing critical build failures and crash bugs.
  • 15th Feb 20202.6.2 is a bugfix release in the stable 2.6 series, mainly improving the clients.
  • 18th Dec 2019 – Two new bugfix releases of Freeciv: 2.6.1 and, for those still playing 2.5, a final 2.5.12 release.
  • 22nd Jul 2018 – After over three years, Freeciv 2.6.0 is released. NEWS-2.6.0 describes what's changed since 2.5.x.
    (The previous stable release, 2.5.11, is still available from the Old downloads page.)

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