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Recent versions of Freeciv on Windows have a modpack installer located in the same folder where the game is installed. When you run the Freeciv modpack installer, a list of available modpacks will be presented, sourced from The latest version of each modpack will be shown, along with its type: Tileset, Modpack, Soundset. Musicset, or Scenario.

Select the modpack and then click "Install modpack" to download and install it.

Information about modpacks can be found on the Freeciv Forum.

Available modpacks[]

  • Tilesets: Amplio, Delta2, Deltasquare, Freeland, Chess
  • Modpacks: Ancients
  • Soundsets: Freesounds
  • Musicsets: SongOfDoom, Mqtx
  • Rulesets: Variant2, Webperimental, Stub
  • Scenarios: GM1530, Isometric map pack

Older versions of Freeciv[]

For Freeciv 2.3 and 2.4 the freeciv-modpack tool supported automatic download and installation of Modpacks, Scenarios, Soundsets, and Tilesets. For 2.5 and later versions the Modpack installer was renamed to freeciv-mp-gtk2 (example, depending on the used client.)

See the respective README file for instructions on how to install and use a modpack.
Modpacks made for version 2.5 are compatible neither with 2.4.x, nor with 2.6.
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