The most recent official Windows packages and source code releases are available on the main download page. Mac installers are available on macOSX. Older distributions and other ports are listed on a historic outdated subpage.

Ready-to-run distributionsEdit

Feature releases are typically not compatible with each other, e.g., a 2.4 client cannot connect to a 2.5 server.
Most distributions are not created by the main Freeciv developers, they are contributed by third parties.

Please note that we don't verify their contents; problems with these packages are better reported to the maintainer of the package. Also check the dir link and your vendor/distributor's site; they may have more recent updates than the ones listed here. Another option is to search for distributions on Filewatcher or a similar service.

Version 2.5 Edit

README Maintainer Download File Dir.

Version 2.4Edit

README Maintainer Download File Dir.

Version 2.3Edit

README Maintainer Download File Dir.

Development snapshots Edit

for testing only; newest is freeciv-trunk

README Maintainer Download File Dir.
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