Multiplayer-Plus Ruleset (MP+ 1.1) Edit

The original Multiplayer ruleset aimed to fix Classic ruleset balance for multi-player games. MP+ 1.1 rectifies more issues that were discovered in massive multi-player games over years of play-testing. Basically a few conservative changes keep the game "how it's supposed to be." The Design Log details this list more thoroughly.

Changes from original Multiplayer rules: Edit

  • Each item below is also a link to a more detailed explanation in the Design Log.
  1. Land units on Mountains get +1 vision.
  2. Illegal Action movement penalty removed.
  3. No bribe/sabotage on Air and Missile units.
  4. Tech costs equalize pace of discovery for all game stages.
  5. No Philosophy bonus after Conscription, Industrialization, Electricity, or T85.
  6. Darwin's Voyage is now similar to Colossus.
  7. Lighthouse: +2 moves, +1 vision, obsolete by Miniaturization. Cost 170.
  8. Pyramid restored to Classic effect.
  9. Copernicus' Observatory costs 100 shields.
  10. Mass Transit: 60 shields, +2T. Recycling Center: 70 shields, +2P.
  11. Air Units exert no ZoC over adjacent tiles.
  12. Restrictinfra=ON makes enemy rails act only like roads.
  13. Non-military Bribe cost fixed to work on all non-military units. 
  14. Submarine attack was incorrectly set as a Battleship. Restored to classic Civ I/II strength.
  15. Battleship:Cruisers:Destroyer movement set to 10:11:12.
  16. Swamp Transform reduced to 12 worker-turns: promotes fairness and naval participation in continental games.
  17. Flaws in Aircraft mechanics fixed.
  18. Wonders have global effect.
  19. Diplomacy improved. By default, cease-fire and peace can be established without embassies.
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