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==See also==
==See also==
* See [[Sound & Music]] downloads.

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Beginning with Freeciv 2.6, the game allows for Musicsets for background music. Music that is copyrighted under the GNU GPL or a compatible license (eg public domain) is needed. If you want to add or modify freeciv music or you have an idea concerning freeciv music, feel free to email us or visit the Rulesets and modpacks forum.

How to exchange musicEdit

Some sounds are available with the "modpack installer" tool (freeciv-mp-*) shipped with Freeciv. If you want to contribute music, visit Freeciv's ticket tracker, create a new 'feature', and attach the files in WAV or OGG format.

Music creators
Please name sound files intelligibly. Include a README where you present the licensing terms used (if public domain, say so) for the music files.
Modpack makers
Please give secondary tags that refer to standard tags so that those who have not downloaded the latest & greatest sound pack can still enjoy the game.

See alsoEdit

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