Third "beta" release of Freeciv 2.0.0[]

05 Nov 2004
The third "beta" for Freeciv 2.0.0 has been released. You can download it from either of:
A Windows binary is available at:
Note that this is not the final 2.0.0 release. We've fixed a huge number of bugs from the first two betas, but many remain. Please send bug reports to, with as much descriptive information as possible. No bug is too small! If you find a crash in the Windows binary include the civserver.RTP or civclient.RTP in your report.
For a tentative feature list in Freeciv 2.0, please see the NEWS-beta page. For a list of changes since beta2, see NEWS-beta3.

The Freeciv Maintainers

This is an extensive list of the changes since the 2.0.0-beta2:[]

  • Fix a bug with overflowed memory when loading a game.
  • Show players' usernames in the players dialog.
  • Fix some memory leaks.
  • Add a new option to the "allowtake" server setting.
  • Fix some bugs with observers and unattached players.
  • Fix some client-side bugs with /take and /detach.
  • Fix a bug where nukes could conquer cities.
  • Improve the AI building advisor for humans.
  • Fix a bug when a player does multiple revolutions.
  • Fix a bug with shared vision when alliances are broken.
  • Fix a bug with saved games and observers.
  • Fix a bug where map settings weren't saved pregame.
  • Fix some bugs where /away players would do too much.
  • Fix some bugs when coming back from /away while diplomacy is active.
  • Fix some bugs where the startscreen could get into inconsistent states.
  • Don't load units when they're sentried, or unload them when activated.
  • Change the load and unload commands to be (l) and (u).
  • Activate units when they're unloaded.
  • Recenter the overview when the mapview is resized.
  • Refresh the city dialog's unit lists when a transporter's cargo is changed.
  • Accept server information about connections for players we don't know about.
  • Fix a bug where switching tilesets would cause a crash in the city dialog.
  • Add load and unload commands for units to the gtk2 client's city dialog.
  • Add a title row to the gtk2 client's city dialog.
  • Put report dialogs into tabs in the gtk2 client (optional).
  • Fix a bug where the client could crash in the gtk2 LAN connect page.
  • Add graphics for wonders.
  • Add the nation Bosnia.
  • Fill in missing shield graphics (for trident_shields).
  • Fixed some menu translations in the win32 client.

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