Eighth "beta" release of Freeciv 2.0.0[]

21 Feb 2005
The eighth "beta" for Freeciv 2.0.0 has been released. You can download it from either of:
Windows binaries are available at:
  • [3] (XP, 2000, and NT only)
  • [4] (95 and above)
Note that this is still not the final 2.0.0 release, although this will surely be the last beta release. We've gotten lots of bug reports but there are still bugs we've had trouble tracking down. If you find a bug please send a report to [5]. Try to give us all the information possible, including save games, step by step instructions, and everything else you did to reproduce it (if you can reproduce the bug). If you find a crash in the Windows binary include the civserver.RPT or civclient.RPT in your report. If you have multiple bugs, remember to report them in separate e-mails.
For a tentative feature list in Freeciv 2.0, please see the NEWS-beta page. For a list of changes since beta7, see NEWS-beta8.

The Freeciv Maintainers

This is a nearly full list of the changes since the 2.0.0-beta7:[]

  • AI diplomacy bug fixes.
  • Fix for team-mode research.
  • Fix for infinite recursion in autoexplorers.
  • Fix for SDL mixer freeze during exit.
  • Fix for when the default username isn't a valid one.
  • Fix for when we can't make a temp file when querying the metaserver.
  • Change some default client option values.
  • Fix some client refresh problems.
  • Fix some out-of-sync city dialog problems.
  • Fix a crash when a nation flag isn't available.
  • Fix a potential CMA crash.
  • Rewrite some of the CMA dialog (gtk2 client).
  • Some startscreen fixes.
  • Many gui-win32 fixes.
  • Fix some bugs with unloading of units.
  • Fix some bugs with seeing subs when you shouldn't.