WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the ChangeLog in the source for more information.


  • Fix bugs with government setting of new civs (barbarians and civil war nations).
  • Fix a bug where some mapgen settings would create more continents than the server could handle.
  • Fix a bug that allowed free changing of techs after finding a tech other than the one currently being researched.
  • Fix a bug where removing and creating a new player would give the new player the old one's team.
  • When the player disconnects in a normal game, make a savegame and exit immediately rather than continuing to run. (This fixes the bug where savegames made after a client crash would reveal the entire map.)
  • Fix a bug in the "endyear" setting.
  • Don't send server-only settings to the client (to be shown in the settings dialog).
  • Send a unit's info to the client when its transporter is disbanded.
  • Fix several bugs where crashes could happen if an invalid connection was left in the lists.
  • Better fallbacks when starting positions can't be placed (previously the server would crash in this situation).
  • Fix several bugs in the detection of multiple servers on the LAN.
  • Make sure units in combat are not in the hidden (focus unit) state.
  • Update menus for the focus unit when a transporter becomes available for it.
  • Fix a bug in the GTK2 client where diplomat actions would sometimes become impossible.
  • Clicking on the focus unit in the panel will center it.
  • Set aifill values for several scenarios.

See NEWS for older lists of changes.