WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog in the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.

Third beta release of Freeciv 2.1.0[]

What's changed since 2.0.9[]

For a tentative feature list in Freeciv 2.1, please see the NEWS-2.1.0 page.

What's changed since 2.1.0-beta2[]


  • Fix many client crashes.
  • Do not allow setting endyear earlier than current year.
  • Prevent server from selecting the same nation more than once.
  • Fix a problem with destroyed cities not disappearing from global observer screen.
  • When land city is disbanded and sea units are moved out, don't move units further and never disband units that were actually saved.
  • Fix bribe cost.
  • Bribed units retain their current fuel amount, foul status and whether they are already paradropped.


  • Added handicap to Novice difficulty level. Now a Novice AI always considers its cities to be in grave danger, so it invests more to (unnecessary) defenses and less to expansion and offensive.
  • Fix a bug that prevented sea barbarians from moving their boats.
  • Fix situation where plr1 thinks he is in peace with plr2 and plr2 thinks he is still in armistice with plr1.
  • Prevent an AI player from requesting you to declare war on a dead player.


  • Fix keypad movement of units in GTK2 client.
  • Major updates to SDL client.
  • Updates to XAW client.


  • A brand new GUI theme for the SDL client "Human" by Hogne Håskjold is now shipped with the game.
  • Added a set of technology icons that show up in the GTK2 client's help dialog and the SDL client's research dialog. Icon set created by Frederic Rodrigo and Daniel Markstedt.
  • Improvements to Amplio tileset, including new user attention, fog, rivers and tweaked units.
  • Improved building and wonder icons by Eleazar.
  • New diplomacy icons.
  • New government icon for Fundamentalism.


  • Added Greek (el) localization by Prekates Alexandros.
  • Many updates to other localizations.


  • Default port changed to 5556.
  • Many fixes of bootstrap issues.
  • Many tweaks to nations and flags.