WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog in the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.

Fourth beta release of Freeciv 2.1.0Edit

What's changed since 2.0.9Edit

For a tentative feature list in Freeciv 2.1, please see the NEWS-2.1.0 page.

What's changed since 2.1.0-beta3Edit


  • Don't bounce land units from ocean cities when loading saved game.
  • Fix bug that walls get drawn when city has no walls but has other defence bonuses.
  • Allow air units to goto into unsafe terrain.
  • Forbid military units from entering through the borders of another nation that you are at peace with.


  • Fix crash when AI is unable to build any kind of attacker units.
  • Fix crash when city cannot build any kind of defending unit.


  • GTK2: Tweaked colors in the technology report.
  • SDL: Corrected a number of dialogs that didn't close properly.
  • SDL: Remapped some keyboard shortcuts to be more intuitive: right-clicking on the minimap moves the map; change the options menu shortcut to ESC and the chatline shortcut to TAB; change the "turn done" shortcut to Shift+Return; assign the help dialog popup in the research dialog to the middle mouse button.
  • SDL: Show scores in the player dialog.
  • SDL: Fix many crashes and inconsistencies in the GUI.


  • The new "Golden Globe" design of program and window manager icons.
  • Medium size of the Hex2t tileset shipped with the game.
  • New high-res wonder and building icon set for the Amplio tileset.


  • Updates to fi.po by Sini Ruohomaa
  • Updates to da.po by Joe Hansen
  • Updates to lt.po by Andrius Štikonas
  • The tutorial is now translatable


  • Fixed to handle multiple installed versions of the same tool.
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