WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog in the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.

Fifth beta release of Freeciv 2.1.0Edit

What's changed since 2.0.9Edit

For a tentative feature list in Freeciv 2.1, please see the NEWS-2.1.0 page.

What's changed since 2.1.0-beta4Edit


  • Fix bug preventing units crossing into allied territory.
  • Make sure votes cannot be started in pregame, and not be observers.
  • Reworked backend for name translation to resolve numerous hidden bugs.
  • Fixed the buy column on cities report.
  • Fixed crash on opening scenarios screen.
  • Make savegames containing Lua script load correctly.
  • Removed concept of foul spies. Broken code was causing problems.
  • Sun Tzu's Academy is no longer marked permanently redundant.
  • + numerous other bugfixes.


  • SDL: Make certain dialogs get destroyed correctly when closed.
  • GTK2: Add ability to scroll the main map using mouse or touchpad.
  • GTK2: Technology tree edge colors.
  • GTK2: Fix glitches when observing.
  • GTK2: Hide techs that are unreachable to player from tech tree overview.
  • Add a common client option for GUI theme selection.


  • Improve Byzantine and Serbian flags.
  • Original GUI theme for GTK2 client.


  • Updates to he.po by Chen Levy
  • Updates to lt.po by Andrius Štikonas
  • Updates to et.po by Elmo Todurov
  • Updates to da.po by Joe Hansen
  • Updates to pt_BR.po by Jose Carlos Medeiros
  • Updates to de.po by Christian Knoke
  • Updates to sv.po by Daniel Markstedt
  • Updates to hu.po by Daniel Tar
  • The tutorial is now translatable


  • Updated the bug report address.
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