WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog in the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.


  • gui-sdl Fix crash when trying to bribe a unit (PR#39857)
  • Fixes for UTF-8 and local encoding mismatch (PR#40058)
  • Fixed crash when unit is killed by the breaking of a treaty (PR#40020)
  • gui-gtk2 Theme had checkbox images reversed in some situations (PR#40125)
  • Improvements to server authentication backend (PR#21620, PR#40018, PR#40145)
  • Check that there is no acinclude.m4 left from old builds in the source tree (PR#40155)
  • Fixes to strings and i18n (PR#40101, PR#40156, PR#40157)
  • Fixed pathfinding crash when ferry is forced to leave path (PR#40169)
  • Fixed warnings and crashes caused by AI trying to updgrade allied units (PR#40148)
  • Fixed "take -" crash when there is no free player slots (PR#40179)
  • Fixed crash in citizen governor (PR#40171)
  • Avoid overwriting player name given as /create parameter (PR#40147)
  • Fixed AI crash when city destroyed during trade negotiation (PR#40185)
  • Send /cut and /cmdlevel commands correctly to server (PR#39614)
  • Fixed handling of quoted command parameters (PR#40196)

See NEWS for older lists of changes.