WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog in the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.


  • Fixed a couple of AI crashes related to ocean cities. (#40422)
  • Fixed separatepoles option. (#40417)
  • Fix absolute path detection on Windows, making it possible to save games in any folder. (PR#40439)
  • Remove out-of-date information in vote command help text. (#40448)
  • Only send private saved settings on forked servers. (#40449)
  • Do not close races dialog on user join or quit. (#40455)
  • Fixed a crash in the map generator when starting new games. (#40453)
  • Fixed handling of the aifill command in pregame. (#40480)
  • Remove hardcoded enabling of autotoggle on savegame load. (#40465)
  • Fix compile warning due to debug message format string. (#40445)
  • Do not reveal gold and government information when sending player info. (#40495)
  • Fixed government help text buffer truncation. (#40505)
  • Fixed fortress foreground drawing over fog. (#40500)
  • Fixed unexpected resizing of GTK2 client goto dialog. (#40119)
  • Fixed crash when picking nation. (#40516)
  • Setting aifill=0 actually removes all aifill AIs; refill AIs when a player is removed. (#40481)
  • Fixed "format not a string literal and no format arguments" -warnings. (#40504)
  • Fix typo in soundspec file. (#39369)
  • Fix bug that filled land tiles with water terrain causing crash. (#40453)
  • Disallow setting timeout less than 30 for non-hack connections. (#40466)
  • Fixed compiler warnings from auth build (#40544)
  • Renamed OUT as AILOG_OUT to avoid namespace conflicts. (#40541)
  • Remove a hack causing an inconsistent turn done button state. (#40550)
  • Fixed detection of libpng for win32 and xaw clients. (#40555)
  • Minor fixes relating to the take command. (#40529)
  • Updated German, Finnish, Danish translations.

See NEWS for older lists of changes.