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  • GTK2 client - Ensure files are sorted in save and load game dialogs. GNA#16296
  • GTK2 client - Improved UI in small-screen mode. GNA#16346 GNA#16440 GNA#16499 GNA#16500 GNA#16520
  • GTK2 client - Enabled small-screen mode by default. GNA#16063
  • GTK2 client - Improved allies chat button. GNA#16339
  • GTK2 client - Made client argument -a work with password registration. GNA#16421
  • GTK2 client - Reinstate scrollable area in unit info panel, avoiding redraws when changing unit focus. GNAPATCH#1685
  • SDL client - Fixed the drawing of trade routes. GNA#15347

Game Play / RulesEdit

  • Buoy created within player borders will take effect instantly. GNA#16375
  • Ensured that global warming or nuclear winter affects a tile only once at a time. GNA#16411
  • Terraforming tile to ocean will not clear pollution if allowed by ruleset. GNA#16426
  • The effect of the Great Library wonder is by team rather than individual players in teams. GNA#16442
  • In some circumstances bases would not be allowed on the same tile (e.g., fortress and airbase), but this was not consistent; now fixed (fortress and airbase can always be built on the same tile). GNA#16465
  • Diplomats now have the same building sabotage chance as Spies. GNA#16305


  • Updated translations: Danish, Catalan, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian.

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