WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog in the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.


Server / General[]

  • Fix bug where a game saved while a civilization was in revolution would not save the target government correctly. GNA#17363
  • Fix server crash with invalid arguments to "/show" command. GNA#17672
  • Forbid meaningless negative values for the 'endturn' option. GNA#17564
  • Fix for building with IPv6 support on OpenBSD. GNA#16458
  • Declare IPv6 support as no longer "work in progress". GNAPATCH#2282
  • Make "maintainer-clean" build target cleaner. GNA#16380
  • Apply latest lua-5.1.4 patches (7 and 8). GNAPATCH#2229
  • Windows: display meaningful message for winsock error #10060. GNA#16788
  • Stability improvements. GNA#17677 GNAPATCH#2541


  • Fix incomplete list of buildings in Spy sabotage dialog. GNA#17280
  • Better handling of the situation where multiple Settlers are selected and the "Build city" order is issued. GNA#14702
  • Do not save "gameseed" or "mapseed" settings in client config file (this would cause the user to get the same game/map every time they started the client). GNA#17122 GNA#17751
  • (Gtk) In diplomacy dialog, remove current diplomatic status from list of allowed proposals. GNA#16557
  • (Gtk) Allow type-to-search when picking a nation. GNAPATCH#2459
  • (SDL) Avoid a crash when an attempt is made to use a missing sprite. GNA#17146
  • Fix a few memory leaks. GNA#17716 GNA#17719
  • Improve alignment of fixed-width tables in some character sets. GNA#17215

Tilesets / Art[]

  • Added "Electric Age" city graphics to the Trident-based rulesets. GNAPATCH#2444

Gameplay / Rules[]

Supplied rulesets[]
  • The effects of notradesize / fulltradesize are now calculated separately from the normal corruption calculation; this gives a more consistent effect, and prevents building Courthouses to circumvent those settings. GNA#17348
  • Fix bug where civil war rebels never got a capital city. GNA#17201
  • Remove misspelled Aztec ruler title. GNAPATCH#2549
Other rulesets[]
  • Allow non-military paradroppable units to drop into peaceful territory. GNA#17285
  • Make the SaveSmallWonder flag actually have an effect; previously, all small wonders would be rebuilt if lost. This didn't matter for the default ruleset (where the Palace is the only "small wonder" and this effect is desired), but it does affect the "rewonder" ruleset. GNA#17333
  • gold_upkeep_style=2: when gold runs out, buildings and units are alternately sold (rather than selling all buildings before selling any units). GNA#16413
  • Fix trouble with technologies with a "root_req" specification. GNA#16852


  • If the server setting 'citymindist' was changed from its default, the AI was not taking this into account when planning its cities. GNA#17745

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Polish, Catalan, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian.
    • Incomplete translations: Danish (99.9%), Brazilian Portuguese (99.6%), Finnish (93%), Ukrainian (92%).

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