WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog in the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.


Server / GeneralEdit

  • Fix server crash when an AI-controlled missile failed to eliminate its target. GNA#16451
  • Bug fix: the server could crash with rulesets where gold_upkeep_style=2 due to ending up with a negative gold balance. Previously, if there was not enough gold, at most one unit and one building would be sold per turn. Now, as many units/buildings are sold alternately as necessary to restore a positive balance. (This doesn't affect the supplied rulesets.) GNA#18221
  • Bug fix: pillaging a road (or removing it in the editor) under a road-native unit could cause a server crash. (This doesn't affect the supplied rulesets.) GNA#16281
  • Bug fix: clients were not always updated when a city was lost (for instance, due to civil war); the loser's client could still show units in the city as owned by that player. GNA#18194
  • Bug fix: it was impossible for existing users to log in to servers with authentication enabled running on big-endian machines (such as sparc64). GNA#18170
  • Apply latest lua-5.1.4 patch (9).
  • Various internal changes which should only affect developers. GNA#17812 GNAPATCH#2630


  • Bug fix: the client could potentially behave as though it had made a successful connection to a server when in fact the connection had failed. GNA#18211
  • (Gtk) Bug fix: cancelling the "build city" name dialog by pressing Escape could make it impossible to issue the build order again for some units. GNA#18163
  • (Gtk) Bug fix: reinstate the Shift+Ctrl+R shortcut to start a revolution. GNA#18296
  • (Gtk) Possible performance improvement in minimap scrolling. GNA#17878

Tilesets / ArtEdit

  • Allow more match_with entries in tilesets. This should allow the third-party Freeland tileset to work without a patch. GNA#17095
  • Fix a number of minor glitches in the Amplio tileset. GNAPATCH#2732

Gameplay / RulesEdit

Supplied rulesetsEdit
  • Rearrange implementation of the Hanging Gardens wonder so that it is not mentioned twice in the city dialog happiness popup. GNA#16471

Help / DocumentationEdit

  • Remove spurious incorrect text about government effects on the chance of migration from help on governments. GNA#17919
  • Invisible changes to assist with translation. GNA#18031


  • Minor corrections to French, Polish, and Japanese translations.


  • Suppress some build-time warnings from GCC 4.6. GNA#18217
  • Use Lua path set by configure script, to assist packagers. GNA#18263

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