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Welcome to Freeciv 2.3.0-RC2Edit

Thanks again to all our developers, who continue to work so hard.


  • Fix an issue where a client couldn't find the server to launch it; the client now looks in the directory it was installed into. GNA#18406
  • For security reasons, in non-debug builds, the client no longer searches for a server to launch in directories relative to the current working directory. GNAPATCH#2827
  • Some fixes which may improve the reliability of the modpack installer. GNA#18354, GNAPATCH#2812
  • The civ2 ruleset now uses a restricted set of 25 nations, to better resemble the original rules. Loading civ2 savegames from older versions of Freeciv may cause nations to be reassigned; it will not be possible to load a civ2 savegame with more than 23 (non-barbarian) players. GNA#18419
  • In the Windows builds, a packaging issue prevented most of the on-line help from being localized, and caused it to be badly formatted in English. GNA#18396
  • A couple of strings in the research report were not marked for localization. GNA#18433
  • Some server settings' parameters were not being localized in the Gtk client. GNA#18396
  • Fixed corrupted display with many tilesets in the Xaw client. GNA#18376
  • 2.3.0-RC1 was erroneously built as a beta release. GNAPATCH#2828
  • Typo fixes in developer documentation. GNA#18334
  • New Scottish Gaelic localization (not yet complete). GNAPATCH#2814
  • Updates to Spanish, Polish, Catalan, French, and British English translations.

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