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Welcome to Freeciv 2.3.0-beta4Edit

Thanks again to all our developers, who continue to work so hard.

WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE 2.3.0-beta3Edit

Server / GeneralEdit


  • Add a Nation column to the city report, for use by global observers. GNAPATCH#2571
  • Bug fix: no options for client-spawned servers were being saved. GNA#17751
  • Bug fix: when the metaserver does not know the number of human players, the client now displays "Unknown" instead of "-1". GNA#17708 GNA#17847
  • (Gtk) In the Goto/Airlift dialog, airport capacity information reinstated (it had been removed relative to 2.2.x) and expanded. GNAPATCH#2588 GNAPATCH#2589
  • (Gtk) Allow type-to-search when picking a nation. GNAPATCH#2459
  • (Gtk) Mark redundant/useless buildings with strikethrough markup in more places in the city dialog. GNA#17730
  • (Gtk) Bug fix: Gtk error (and possible crash) with "Arrange widgets for small displays" enabled. GNA#17608
  • (Gtk) Bug fix: the 'Sell All' and 'Disband' buttons on the Economy report did not work. GNA#17936
  • (Gtk) Bug fix: Gtk warnings with certain combo boxes. GNAPATCH#2556 GNAPATCH#2569 GNA#17917 GNA#17872
  • (Gtk) Bug fix: speed up minimap scrolling in some circumstances (particularly with large maps). GNA#17878
  • (SDL) Avoid a crash when an attempt is made to use a missing sprite (this can happen with the experimental ruleset). GNA#17146
  • (SDL) Large tileset flags could obscure relationships in the nations report. GNA#17766
  • (Xaw) Airlifts involving allied cities are now possible (if enabled with the 'airliftingstyle' server option). GNA#15462
  • Stability improvement. GNA#17663
  • Fix some memory leaks. GNA#16639 GNA#17716 GNA#17719 GNA#17718 GNAPATCH#2489

Tilesets / ArtEdit

Gameplay / RulesEdit

Supplied rulesetsEdit
  • Multiplayer ruleset:
    • Sun Tzu's War Academy's effect on veterancy from combat was only applying to units defending in cities, due to technical limitations. This effect has been removed entirely. GNA#17332
    • The Apollo Program is once again a "small wonder" (i.e., it must be built by each player before they can build spaceship parts). GNA#17771
    • Bring the implementation of Fundamentalism into line with that in the "civ2" ruleset. GNA#17337
  • Experimental ruleset: more consistency in which units require gold upkeep after discovery of Corporation (now Musketeers don't, Riflemen and Cavalry do). GNA#17726
  • Fix a few broken civil war nations. GNA#17772
  • Increase limit on players for europe-200x100 scenario to match number of start positions (37). GNAPATCH#2580
Other rulesetsEdit
  • Buildings which enable certain units are no longer considered "redundant" in various situations. GNA#17731


  • If the server setting 'citymindist' was changed from its default, the AI was not taking this into account when planning its cities. GNA#17745
  • Fix bug that could prevent the AI going for space race victory. GNA#17661
  • Fix bug that might cause the AI to use outdated information. GNA#17647
  • AI (and building advisor) was preparing defences against sea attack for rivers and irrigated land. GNAPATCH#2496

Help / DocumentationEdit


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Spanish, Catalan, French.
    • Incomplete translations: Polish (99.4%), Italian (75%), Ukrainian (67%), Irish Gaelic (56%).

See NEWS for full lists of changes.