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Server / GeneralEdit

  • Bug fix: players' endgame scores could be too high due to the future techs state not being initialised correctly at the start of the game; this could lead to incorrect ranking. The fix will only help with games started with a new version of the server; in-progress games will continue to have incorrect scores. GNA#19745
  • Bug fix: allied victory (enabled by default) never occurred. GNA#17986
  • Freeciv now infers that ruleset effects are possible in more cases where incomplete information is available. This is a low-level change whose effects are hard to quantify, but should be more correct; it is most likely to affect client behaviour and the AI. GNA#20304
  • More types of units are now permitted to auto-explore - only those with fuel or which lose hitpoints are prevented. In particular, Triremes in the 'experimental' ruleset can now auto-explore. GNA#17958
  • Bug fix: goto planning could erroneously consider it impossible for a unit to move to a city on non-native terrain. It was still possible to make such a move with the cursor keys. (Does not affect supplied rulesets.) GNA#19611
  • Bug fix: following on from 2.3.2, more assertion failure fixes when many autosettlers try to work on the same project. GNA#20240
  • Bug fixes in unit destruction:
    • Many more cases of unit loss now contribute to the final score, notably including units on board a transport unit when it was lost. GNA#20300 GNA#20301
    • The "unit_lost" scripting signal was not emitted for units on board a transport unit when it was lost. (This bug had no effect on the supplied rulesets.) GNA#20221
  • Bug fixes for border sources such as fortresses:
    • When a border source within range of a city was invaded, tile ownership from the first source did not change hands correctly. GNA#19831
    • When a border source changed hands and the new owner did not know all the territory in range, the old owner could erroneously retain some tiles. GNA#19983
    • When a border source is occupied by a unit of a nation other than the owner at the time a treaty between the two players breaks, ownership now transfers to that of the occupying unit. (partial fix for GNA#20348)
  • Bug fix: with foggedborders enabled, tile ownership could appear to change back to an old owner when it went out of sight. GNA#18588 GNA#19627 GNA#19637
  • Fix possible trouble when upgrading a highly-veteran unit to a type with fewer veteran levels. GNA#19913
  • Bug fix: in tech loss situations, future tech would fail to be removed from a player, with an assertion failure. GNA#20220
  • Bug fix: the full range of the 'trademindist' setting (1-999) could not be transmitted over the network to the client. This caused a cosmetic problem in the help for the 'civ2-3' ruleset. GNA#19977
  • Bug fix: server-side AI assertion failure in rulesets with paratroopers and ocean cities. GNA#20230
  • Security fix: malformed network packets could cause denial of service (memory exhaustion or CPU-bound loop). GNA#20003, CVE-2012-5645, CVE-2012-6083
  • Bug fix: if the server was started with one ruleset and then another with a different number of governments was loaded (e.g., 'default' then 'multiplayer'), it could crash. GNA#19800
  • Bug fix: ordinary save files from a game started from a scenario file could themselves be saved as scenario files, and thus be listed as unwanted options when starting a new scenario game. GNA#19919
  • When a scenario is saved, scenario information is included earlier in the file, to speed up the 'Start Scenario Game' dialog. GNAPATCH#3497
  • It is now possible to save games with names containing dots - previously, everything after the first dot was stripped. GNA#18781
  • Bug fixes to scorelog/ranklog:
    • Player deletion was logged incorrectly in scorelog, causing warnings when resuming the game from a save file. GNA#20069
    • When a new user took over a player from another user, the old username could persist in the ranklog file. GNAPATCH#3526
    • Taking over a dead AI player no longer changes their username in the ranklog. GNAPATCH#3547
  • Tab-completion on the server command line has been improved; notably, enumerated and bitwise options are now completed. GNAPATCH#3436
  • Fix a possible crash when the '/cmdlevel' server command is issued. GNA#19878
  • More robustness against malformed network packets. GNA#20107
  • Minor performance improvements in certain specific situations. GNA#19823 GNAPATCH#3334
  • Various internal changes which should only affect developers. GNA#19585 GNAPATCH#3205 GNA#15743 GNA#19564 GNAPATCH#3081


  • Bug fix: assertion failure in get_internal_string_length() on client start on some platforms. GNA#17373
  • Fix a couple of issues with units with a zero move rate (no such units exist in the supplied rulesets):
    • The 'exhausted' icon was always shown for such units; now it is never shown. GNA#20270
    • Such units are now not skipped when focusing on the next unit. GNAPATCH#3567
  • Reduce memory usage after game start with large tilesets. GNA#16995 GNA#19605
  • The default metaserver URL has been updated in line with future plans. (The old URL will continue to work for the foreseeable future.) GNAPATCH#3453 GNA#20014
  • Saved configurations now correctly save the default metaserver URL as "default", so that future changes to the default will be picked up. GNA#20015
  • (Gtk) Fix migration of chat/message window arrangement settings from 2.2.x. (This will not help you if you've ever run a previous 2.3.x version; you'll have to restore your preference manually, if you haven't already.) GNA#19888
  • (Gtk) Fix possible colour inaccuracy. GNAPATCH#3344
  • Additional robustness in the face of odd server behaviour. GNA#13701

Tilesets / ArtEdit

  • Bug fix: in the hex2t tileset, the fogged parts of the minimap were far too dark. GNA#16900
  • In the supplied Amplio2 tileset, the 'Refugee' graphic has been enabled, for the benefit of custom modpacks such as civ2-3. GNAPATCH#3455

Gameplay / Rules ChangesEdit

Supplied rulesetsEdit
  • The supplied earth-80x50-v3 scenario could not be loaded at all in a release build. GNA#20050
  • In rulesets with a 'watchtower' vision bonus for fortresses, the bonus now only applies to ground units in the fortress, not to air units flying over it. GNA#19866
  • Bug fix: in the 'multiplayer' ruleset, players could gain free techs multiple times by rebuilding Darwin's Voyage (fixed by GNA#19852).
  • Bug fix: in the 'experimental' ruleset, Triremes could not attack outwards from a city. GNA#19828
  • The script.lua files for the civ1/civ2 rulesets had been accidentally omitted from the distribution, although this had no functional effect. GNA#19907
  • Ruleset tidy-ups with no functional effect. GNA#20020 GNA#19991
Other rulesetsEdit
  • A custom ruleset effect can now have both Oceanic and Land requirements in a single list. GNA#19916
  • The give_technology() Lua script function now returns 'nil' if the player already has the technology, as documented; previously it returned the Tech_Type 'None'. GNA#19852
  • The total Max_Rates effect value is now clipped to its legal range, so it's no longer necessary for custom rulesets to take care to keep the total value below 100% to avoid server misbehaviour. GNAPATCH#3343
  • The MinYear effect now allows years earlier than -4000. GNA#17862


  • Fixes for a couple of server crashes (division by zero):
    • In rulesets with tech upkeep, when evaluating the value of 'Tech_Parasite' effects (e.g., Great Library), players who are losing bulbs are no longer considered. GNA#20234
    • Division by zero could occur when evaluating poor city locations. GNA#20239
  • AI behaviour is likely to change as a result of GNA#20304. For instance, it might be more likely to research a tech to allow it to build a kind of building without being certain that that building's other prerequisites will ever be fulfilled.

Help / DocumentationEdit


  • New translations: Serbian (33%), Bulgarian (31%).
  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Spanish, Catalan, Scottish Gaelic.
    • Incomplete translations: Dutch (72%), Irish (56%).


  • The configure script could fail to detect SDL_mixer, for instance on Fedora with hardened build options set. GNAPATCH#3519
  • The embedded Lua build now respects the --without-readline configure option, fixing a possible failure to build on systems without readline. GNA#20219
  • Autoconfiguration macros for X now avoid non-portable '=='. GNA#20002
  • The material used to build Windows installers is now included in the distribution. GNA#19088 GNAPATCH#3357 GNAPATCH#3365
  • Warning fixes on various platforms. GNAPATCH#3466 GNA#20013

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