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This release fixes a couple of crashes:

  • The server could crash when a unit moved at a point where a new connection had attached to the server but not yet chosen a player or observer. GNA#21019
  • The client could crash when another civilisation's Settler unit moved out of visibility range. GNA#21044

and some other issues:

  • Windows-specific issues:
    • It was not possible to install the (partial) Indonesian localisation from the Windows installer. GNA#21058
    • The installer did not offer the option to use the US English (en_US) translation of Freeciv on a non-English version of Windows (although it was possible to use British English, en_GB). GNA#21059
  • In rulesets with ocean cities, fix a bug where those cities could not claim oceanic territory adjacent to land. GNA#21035

In addition, the source tarball has been updated with changes made to the Windows installer build for 2.4.0-RC1. GNAPATCH#4095

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