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2.5.11 is a bugfix release.

The main purpose of the release is to fix a regression in the Windows Gtk client, which led to crashes when resizing the city dialog. HRM#735238

There are a handful of other bugfixes and improvements:

  • Stealing a future technology was accidentally yielding two of them. HRM#736836
  • Put a message about nuclear attack in a more appropriate category. HRM#735934
  • Some minor improvements to autogenerated terrain help. HRM#733865 HRM#733902
  • Fix a crash with a malformed tileset. HRM#729532
  • Fix an erroneous diagnostic for a malformed savegame. HRM#729275
  • Fix a geographical error in the Cuyavian nation description. HRM#706252
  • Fix typo in ruleset help comments. HRM#738322
  • Fix a possible failure to build the Qt client (undefined reference to SDL_main), observed on Mac OS X Sierra. HRM#734798
  • Fix some compiler warnings with Clang 6.0 HRM#733013 and GCC 8 HRM#731162.
  • Updated translations: Catalan, Russian, British English, Polish, Finnish, Esperanto.
  • Various internal changes which should only affect developers. HRM#715161 HRM#729900 HRM#736810

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