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2.5.12 is a bugfix release. It is expected to be the final release in the 2.5 series.

Server / General[]

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Vision-providing bases, such as buoys, could in some circumstances remove visibility from tiles, perhaps preventing the owner's cities from working them, in the presence of autosettlers. HRM#797698 HRM#781551
  • When a unit such as a Leader was cargo on a transport that was lost with its home city, it could be 'saved' by teleporting to the site of that city. This could leave an illegal stack of non-allied units on the same tile (Leader and city's conqueror), and prevent the Leader teleporting to a more distant, safe city. HRM#761808
  • A few resources could be added to the map even when none were requested. HRM#763879
  • Global warming and nuclear winter had a small chance of occurring even when the client displayed the chance as 0%. HRM#763882
  • Cities produced pollution slightly too often. HRM#763881
  • When gaining free Future Techs (for instance from Darwin's Voyage), some messages showed the wrong Future Tech number. HRM#761977
  • Historians were never reporting on the "LARGEST Civilizations" (with the most citizens), by mistake. HRM#763883
  • Historians failed to take angry citizens into account when reporting on the "HAPPIEST Civilizations". HRM#763884
  • The end-game score for an arrived spaceship included population in habitation modules that weren't actually attached to the spaceship at launch. HRM#757442
  • Fix a possible network protocol warning when units are starving. HRM#661865

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • In rulesets which allow capturing units, it's no longer allowed to capture a transport which is carrying units. (Previously this was allowed, but left the game in a broken state.) HRM#772516
  • Fix longstanding bug in rulesets with 129 or more unit types; if any of the later units was an upgrade or conversion target, the client would not allow the action. HRM#763984
  • In rulesets with nation-specific starting units, care is now taken to place them on tiles they can exist on, and clear any huts from their tile. HRM#767129
  • Rulesets which defined a unit type without any tech_req could crash the server, rather than giving an error message. HRM#816374
  • Rulesets which used default/nationlist.ruleset could not define a default_government outside the standard set defined by nationlist.ruleset. HRM#764299
  • Fix inability to use default/nationlist.ruleset in a custom ruleset lacking standard plural-named terrains such as 'Hills'. HRM#827555
  • Some improvements to unit debugging (/debug unit). HRM#760368 HRM#760370
  • Coding style clean up to supplied default.lua script. HRM#822189



  • When setting up single-player games, the client's AI level control no longer gets out of sync with the server state. HRM#765061
  • In the city dialog, clicking on the middle tile to rearrange workers could fail to update the city dialog map display. HRM#736822
  • (Gtk3) If you pressed Escape when prompted for the name of a new city, the relevant unit could subsequently not respond to the (B)uild City command at all. Hitting Escape when renaming a city could also lead to trouble. HRM#689225
  • (Gtk3) Happiness tooltips from the city dialog could appear in the wrong place. HRM#768105
  • (SDL) Fix a possible crash on closing the client. HRM#824593

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: French, Catalan, Russian, Polish, Spanish, British English.
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 93% nations).


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