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2.5.2 is a bugfix release. In particular, there have been many improvements and bugfixes to the new Qt client.

Server / General[]

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • A spaceship part would be lost if the relevant player was not logged into the server during the turn when it was completed. The part would still count towards the maximum, so this could prevent spaceship completion. GNAPATCH#5217 GNA#22934 GNA#24309
  • Map generation would frequently fail ("Cannot create suitable map with given settings") even with the default settings and not be retried. After the fix it's still possible for the retry to fail, but it should be much less likely. GNA#23885
  • Loading a previously saved game in 'xz' format could fail due to low memory usage limits. GNA#23891 GNA#23966
  • In the multiplayer ruleset, Darwin's Voyage gave 4 techs instead of 2, and would yield more techs if destroyed and rebuilt. GNA#24098
  • The names of the free advances granted from certain buildings (e.g., Darwin's Voyage) or technologies (e.g., Philosophy) were not announced. GNA#23402 GNA#24036 GNAPATCH#6628 GNA#24140 GNAPATCH#6663 Also, embassies are now more consistently notified of such free techs. GNA#24039
  • Fixed causes of spurious 'ghost' units visible in the client in certain circumstances:
    • After an alliance is canceled, if a third nation's units were visible in cities. GNA#24169
    • If a unit ever 'teleported' across the map. GNA#23831
  • Fix minor bugs when automatically canceling alliances with two allies whose mutual ceasefire had run out:
    • A senate could spuriously prevent the automatic cancelation of an alliance with one of the players. GNA#24038
    • Your resulting armistice with one of the players could be one turn shorter than the other. GNA#24033
  • With the setting 'citymindist' set to 1 (as it is by default in the civ1 ruleset), units whose location was no longer tenable due to loss of an adjacent city (such as boats relying on that city for access to water) were not being correctly disbanded, leading to assertion failures. GNA#23801
  • Fixes to historian's reports:
  • In games with 'phasemode' set for alternating movement, city workers could fail to be auto-arranged often enough. GNA#24146
  • Immediately after loading a savegame, some city properties whose value was affected by trade partners could possibly be incorrect, although this would quickly correct itself. GNA#23614 In particular, in rulesets with illness, the client's display of illness could be slightly inaccurate after loading a savegame. Gameplay was not affected in this specific case. GNA#23786
  • Loading a game with multiple units of a type that is supposed to be unique now gives a warning. Such savegames can exist due to bugs in previous versions. GNAPATCH#6561
  • Nations that ceased to exist with a revolution in progress could later be announced to have completed that revolution, causing trouble. GNA#23803
  • Fixes to automatic nation and leader name selection:
    • A barbarian player could end up with a blank leader name in rare circumstances. GNA#24130
    • Slightly reduced the chance that an automatically created player ends up with a placeholder name like "Player no. 3". GNA#24129
    • When a nation is assigned to a player based on their username, choose randomly if more than one nation is eligible. GNA#24181

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Scenarios containing generated huts no longer acquire more and more huts every time they are loaded and re-saved. GNA#21345
  • Fix "error restoring 'generator'" message when loading some scenarios. GNA#23912 GNAPATCH#6371
  • Random number generator state is no longer added when re-saving a scenario which didn't save it (such as any of the supplied scenarios). Newly created scenarios still save randomness state unless the file is edited by hand. GNA#23793
  • Do not save an empty description string if the scenario has none. GNAPATCH#6432
  • Fix a case where a Lua script destroying a city could lead to a crash. GNA#24016
  • Fix possible trouble with city-building units that were not also workers. GNA#23998
  • A line at the end of a ruleset file without a final newline is completely ignored. Warn when this happens. GNAPATCH#6230
  • In rulesets with units with large movement rates, and/or a large number of move_fragments, such units could appear in the client to have fewer moves than expected. Both server and client must be upgraded to benefit from this fix. GNA#24074
  • The editor now permits units to be given more moves than their base move rate. Previously, this could have prevented editing units that had extra moves from effects or veterancy. GNA#24079
  • Extra sanity checking when loading rulesets. GNAPATCH#6206 GNA#24207

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • The server now prints the network port it's listening on when it starts up. GNA#24073



  • An AI player will now look more unfavorably on a declaration of war from a player with whom they have ever had a peace or alliance. (Code was already present but ineffective due to a bug.) GNA#23973
  • AI now considers another player with an armistice to be peaceful where it didn't before. This affects diplomacy and city placement. GNA#23866
  • The 'Novice' AI level was unintentionally less generous when negotiating treaties than the default 'Easy' level. GNA#24142
  • The AI no longer assigns an unbounded number of units to defend a city. Previously there could be escalation where each AI would build more and more military units and assign them as defenders to counteract the perceived threat from the other's units built in the same way. GNAPATCH#6612 GNA#24117
  • Allied passengers on an AI transport could be activated during that transport's turn. This could lead to units acting out of turn, and to worse trouble, particularly if the cargo and transport were of different AI types. GNA#23755
  • The AI now values Marco Polo's Embassy more, and takes into account the number of new contacts it would give rather than just the total number of players. GNAPATCH#5844
  • A threaded AI player's autosettlers could build terrain improvements that it had no use for (such as Fortresses). GNA#23754


  • Improve handling of failure to start a server:
  • The city dialog's pollution breakdown was inconsistent with the overall figure for cities in disorder -- it would erroneously claim there was no pollution. GNA#23957
  • The city size on the main map is now drawn in a color that contrasts with the player color. This should improve visibility with colors like yellow, particularly in the Qt and SDL clients. GNA#24120
  • Unit upkeep icons in city dialog were truncated / unclickable in some tilesets, such as Trident, in some clients. GNA#23383 GNA#23954 GNAPATCH#6520 GNA#24051 GNA#24148
  • Fix sensitivity of "cancel pact" buttons in situations such as after the player had died. (It wasn't really possible for a dead player to cancel a pact.) GNA#23811
  • Messages about errors with a player's selected nation are now displayed by default. This change will likely not take effect on existing installations, where the previous defaults have been saved into the client's configuration file. GNA#24128
  • The client's UI now more accurately reflects when the server is still busy with turn and phase change activities (hourglass, sensitivity of Turn Done button, etc). GNAPATCH#6583 GNAPATCH#6584
  • (Gtk) Avoid a client crash on startup if no tileset is suitable for the selected ruleset, or if a tileset has errors. GNA#23794
  • (Gtk) Fix an issue where the 'Airlift' button could be sensitive in the unlikely event of the player having no cities. GNA#24060
  • (Gtk) Fix some minor resource leaks. GNA#23853 GNA#23935 GNA#24010 GNA#23854 GNAPATCH#6458 GNA#23895 GNA#23955 GNA#23969
  • (Gtk) Fix "GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent" warnings on the console. GNA#23960 GNA#24054
  • (Gtk) Avoid console warnings from vote bar on small screens. GNA#24147
  • (Gtk3) When loading the Freeciv theme, or switching to another, parts of the old theme (initially, the system theme) could still be used, leading to incorrect display. GNA#24203
  • (Gtk3) Make the government menu icons visible with more versions of Gtk. GNAPATCH#6471 GNA#23944
  • (Gtk3) Remove the option "Better fog-of-war drawing", as it did nothing in this client. GNAPATCH#6440
  • (Gtk3) When the client was run for the first time, a changed setting for "Popup tech help when gained" was not migrated from the Gtk2 client. GNA#23859
  • (Gtk3) Tweak city dialog when on very small screens. GNAPATCH#6605
  • (Qt) There have been too many improvements and bugfixes to the Qt client to list them individually. Highlights:
  • (SDL) Fix a crash when a research target is not set. GNA#24052
  • (SDL) Fix some possible assertion failures / crashes. GNA#23809 GNA#23900
  • (SDL) Stop inviting player to end turn once they have done so and are waiting for others. GNAPATCH#6271
  • (SDL) Make count of items in city worklist consistent with worklist display. GNA#23770
  • (SDL) Don't display "0%" progress for Coinage in worklist view. GNAPATCH#6510

Tilesets / Art[]

  • Minor updates to trident tileset: glacier and tundra blend better, plus minor glitch fixes. GNAPATCH#6347 GNA#23898
  • Maglev graphics are now actually displayed in the isophex tileset. GNA#23785
  • Amplio2 Fort now looks more like a wooden structure. GNAPATCH#6466
  • All supplied tilesets now have a distinct unit activity icon for the 'convert' action (added to hex2t, isotrident, and isophex). GNAPATCH#6240

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Russian, French, Catalan, Spanish, British English.
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 87% nations), Polish (96.4% core, 100% nations).


  • Fix various compiler warnings, including warnings from Clang 3.7 and GCC 4.2. GNA#23993 GNA#24088 GNAPATCH#6174 GNA#24086 GNA#24096 GNA#24156
  • Disable some compiler warnings from normal builds without --enable-debug that remain unfixed due to coding policy. GNAPATCH#6499 GNAPATCH#6509
  • Fix spurious error 'unrecognized command line option "-Wno-tautological-compare"' from GCC when other errors occurred. GNA#23448
  • Try using pkg-config to find MagickWand. Fixes auto-detection on Debian Stretch. GNA#23906
  • Fix a cause of configure bombing out when cross-compiling. GNA#23860
  • Fix a possible issue cross-compiling the Gtk2 client. GNAPATCH#6209
  • Fix a possible issue picking up the wrong version of SDL headers, or not finding them at all. GNA#24172 GNA#24198
  • Revert a change that 2.5.1 made to Qt5 detection (GNA#23348); it was unnecessary, and introduced breakage. GNA#23798
  • Correctly detect if the system Curl version is too low. GNA#23824
  • Windows installer builds now include the fc_config.h that was used to build them, to record how they were built. GNAPATCH#6544

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