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2.5.3 is a bugfix release mainly aimed at Linux distribution maintainers and other repackagers. There have only been a few minor user-visible fixes since 2.5.2.

  • Build fixes:
    • Re-generating the configure script could fail on recent OS distributions due to a clash with the system supplied glib-gettext.m4. This did not affect most users, who would build with the configure script supplied in the tarball. GNA#24379
    • configure could spuriously output "-lncurses: not found" and fail to find readline on some systems (seen on OpenBSD). GNA#24372
  • Qt client fixes:
    • The menu options and keyboard shortcuts to save games were disabled when there were no active units. GNA#24371
    • The Qt client could create a directory called literally '$HOME'. GNA#24359
    • A few strings in the Qt client were displayed unlocalized. GNA#24339
  • Increase the size of some buffers that were causing truncated strings in some localizations, such as Russian. GNA#24328
  • Change a couple of flag files to address auto-detected licensing conflicts. GNA#23814 GNAPATCH#6855
  • Some corrections to the Finnish and Russian translations. GNAPATCH#6902

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