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2.5.5 is a bugfix release.

Server / General Edit

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets) Edit

  • A city containing a Leader unit will now never defect in a civil war. Previously this could cause the rebels to end up with both Leaders. GNA#24724
  • Units without a home city are no longer forced to acquire a home city when transferred to another player. GNA#24746
  • Barbarians no longer spawn in Lake terrain in all rulesets which have it. GNA#24458
  • Bug fix: it was impossible to change production in a city after disbanding a unit there the same turn the city was built. GNA#24714
  • The win chance of a boat in a city defending against attack was erroneously displayed as 0%. GNA#24799 (A new client connecting to an old server running a custom ruleset may still display an incorrect defense value, this time too optimistic.)
  • The client's display of city population could be out of date after international migration. GNA#24464
  • The 'Plague' random disaster in the classic ruleset has been renamed to 'Pestilence' to avoid confusion with the unrelated game concept of plague. GNA#24688 Other text changed to mitigate this confusion. GNA#24689
  • Bug fixes and improvements to Latvian, African, and Texan nations. GNA#24670 GNAPATCH#7240 GNA#24726
  • Correct descriptions of server options 'techlost_recv' and 'techlost_donor' to make clear that they apply to technology theft as well as trading. GNA#24609
  • Bug fix: a non-zero 'techlevel' setting (or a ruleset which grants initial techs) along with certain 'plrcolormode' settings could give a (harmless) assertion failure at game start. GNA#24614
  • Bug fix: a player observer can no longer cause the game to start on behalf of a player. GNA#24678

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders Edit

  • Adding a base in the editor was not taking care of side-effects, such as removing conflicting bases on the same tile, granting vision and borders, etc. GNA#23106
  • In the editor, the "Nation Start Positions" property could be disabled when changing other values on the Game tab of the property editor. GNA#24627

Changes affecting server operators Edit

  • New 'persistent' metaserver connection mode, where one failure to talk to the metaserver does not prevent future attempts. Enabled with the '--keep' server option or the '/metaconnection persistent' server command. GNAPATCH#7300

General Edit

AI Edit

  • AI players could occasionally be subject to the penalty for changing production type. They are supposed to always be immune to this penalty. GNA#24760

Clients Edit

  • It's now possible to create an all-AI game from the client, by becoming an observer and starting the game. (You also need to set 'minplayers' to 0 and set a turn timeout.) GNAPATCH#7334
  • Fix drawing artifacts with oriented tilesets such as Cimpletoon:
    • A unit could be drawn with two superimposed random orientations. This showed up in the Gtk unit select dialog and the Qt help. GNA#24772
    • Unit orientation in these circumstances could change randomly on redraws. GNA#24771
  • Fixes to disconnecting from servers and cleaning up spawned servers. In particular, the Gtk and Qt clients now disconnect cleanly from the server when you quit the client. GNA#24629 GNA#24872 GNA#24823
  • For global observers, fixed display of city map outline and grid coloring. GNA#24791
  • Fixed a potential buffer overflow in some clients in the presence of extremely long tileset or soundset names. GNA#24877
  • (Gtk) Make Prev/Next City buttons insensitive for global observers, since they do nothing. GNA#24059
  • (Gtk3) On very small screens, the balance between happiness and nationality areas in the city dialog has been improved. GNA#24265
  • (Gtk3) Silence Gtk warnings on console by default with newer Gtk3 versions; this is necessary as it's not possible to construct a theme which works across the full range of Gtk3 versions we support without warnings. They can be re-enabled with freeciv-gtk3 -- --gtk-warnings.
  • (Qt) Simplified the network page, so that local and Internet servers are on the same page. GNAPATCH#7392 Scans for local servers are now stopped once a connection is chosen. GNA#24833
  • (Qt) There's now a button to lock the messages and chat window geometry, so that a mis-click doesn't accidentally disarrange them. GNAPATCH#7467
  • (Qt) The '5' key on the numeric keypad now selects the previous unit, as in the Gtk clients. GNA#24516
  • (Qt) Allied chat (chat messages are sent only to allies, not all players) is now the default. GNAPATCH#7368
  • (Qt) The default leader name defaults to the player name (often the system user name) rather than a leader name from a selected nation. GNAPATCH#7367
  • (Qt) Added an option to change the theme. GNAPATCH#7471
  • (Qt) The '<', '>', and '&' characters are now handled correctly in chat; they are no longer interpreted as HTML. GNAPATCH#7263 GNA#24829
  • (Qt) When there's a problem loading a tileset, an error message explaining it is now displayed. GNA#24832
  • (SDL) The display of shields in the city dialog immediately after changing production could be overly pessimistic. GNA#24807

Tools Edit

  • Minor fix to freeciv-manual tool's output. GNA#24778
  • Minor fix to modpack installer's error reporting. GNA#24637

Help / Documentation Edit

Translations Edit

  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, French, British English, Spanish, Russian.
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 92% nations), Japanese (94% core, 95.4% nations).
  • When localized into Finnish, the last character was stripped or corrupted in all messages. GNA#24754

Build/portability Edit

  • Package builders can now override the version label used with FREECIV_LABEL_FORCE. GNAPATCH#7196 GNAPATCH#7217
  • 'nonnull-compare' warnings from GCC 6 are now silenced. GNA#23810
  • The included Lua now uses fseeko() instead of fseek() where available. This is unlikely to make a difference in practice. GNAPATCH#7322
  • Update some of the libraries shipped with the Windows packages. GNA#24321

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