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2.5.7 is a bugfix release.

Server / General Edit

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets) Edit

  • The score list shown when the game is over now includes dead players. GNA#17248
  • Fix a server crash when the AI could not find a suitable ferryboat unit type. (This was observed with a modified ruleset.) GNA#25628
  • Fix a typo'd city name in the Newfoundland nation. HRM#658528
  • Correctly diagnose failure to load a ruleset needed by a saved game. HRM#659503
  • Improved behavior after failing to write a file such as a saved game. GNAPATCH#8048 GNA#25391
  • Improved robustness against reading broken savegames. GNA#25416

General Edit

Clients Edit

  • The "Manual Turn Done in AI mode" client option now does something useful. HRM#657412
  • (Qt) Player dialog now shows whether given nation shares vision to other nations. GNAPATCH#8115
  • (Qt) In pregame, pressing Enter on the username text box will now initiate a connection. GNAPATCH#8118
  • (Qt) The player dialog sometimes did not show new players, e.g. after a civil war. GNA#25506
  • (Qt) Focus might be set incorrectly to map after the selected unit changed. GNA#25505
  • (Gtk3) Fix some Gtk warnings on the console. GNAPATCH#7163

Help / Documentation Edit

Translations Edit

  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: French, British English, Russian.
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 92% nations), Ukrainian (100% core, 79% nations).

Build/portability Edit

  • Fix warning seen with Clang 3.9. Freeciv builds cleanly with Clang 4.0. GNA#25314
  • Fix warnings seen with GCC 7, with which Freeciv builds cleanly. HRM#657309 HRM#657332

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