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2.5.8 is a bugfix release.

Server / General[]

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Fix trouble loading certain compressed savegames. HRM#679197
  • Used diplomat units no longer increase the target's score. HRM#657298
  • Fixed a warning when a player on your team goes to war with an ally of yours. HRM#662059
  • Fixed an assertion failure when losing a tech while no tech goal is selected. HRM#664286
  • Fixed an assertion failure when a player on your team is about to die. HRM#662701
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to no huts when loading from a game or scenario that was saved in the pregame state. HRM#682576
  • Fixed a typo'd leader name in the American nation. HRM#681847
  • When a city can't build a unit with a population cost, this is explained better. GNAPATCH#7707

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Fix a crash when a unit has a zero activity rate. HRM#660342
  • Fix a crash when a unit has negative vision radius. HRM#661313
  • Avoids warnings and incorrect behavior when a unit's initial veterancy turns out negative. HRM#661193
  • Prevent the scripting API from creating a stack of illegally mixed nationality when adding a unit to a tile. HRM#661533
  • Using a script to modify the map in certain ways in response to the 'map_generated' signal could cause an assertion failure. HRM#673767



  • Fix a possible assertion failure when a spaceship launched (or at other times when an AI's mood changed suddenly). HRM#660363
  • (Gtk) Fix a possible Gtk warning before the map is set up. HRM#678972
  • (Gtk) Fix a minor memory leak in the unit selection dialog. HRM#674321
  • (Gtk3) Fix the middle-click tile info box having a transparent background and thus being unreadable on some installations. HRM#656549

Tilesets / Art[]

  • Updated Isophex tileset. Adds distinct Lake terrain, various other cosmetic changes, and some extra resource types that are not used in the supplied rulesets. HRM#680743

Help / Documentation[]

  • The civ2civ3 online help claimed Forest, Jungle, and Swamp gave a 25% defense bonus, but in reality they only give 20% due to a game engine limitation. The help now reflects this. (The 25% bonus will be implemented in 2.6.) HRM#682494
  • Corrections in README.ruleset_civ2civ3. HRM#657562
  • Online help documents that Leader units entering huts won't unleash barbarians. GNAPATCH#7545
  • doc/README.tilesets was accidentally left out of the tarball. HRM#678449
  • Update the FAQ a bit.
  • Update docs to reflect move away from HRM#660271 HRM#654670 HRM#664195
  • Minor update to ruleset comments. HRM#685211


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, Russian, French, British English.
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 93% nations).
  • Fix a help glitch for Migrants when using the Spanish translation. HRM#662732


  • The Windows package uses a new package of libraries. This is mainly expected to improve debugging. HRM#681643 HRM#681877
  • Work around a binutils bug that stops --enable-gprof working on some distributions (notably, Debian Stretch -- Debian bug #854704). HRM#675699
  • tolua.pkg, a source file not needed to build from tarballs, was inadvertently not included in them. HRM#678447

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