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RC1 is mainly a bugfix release.

Server / General Edit

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets) Edit

  • Reverted the change in beta3 which prevented units from building small wonders, because it broke the multiplayer ruleset. This change will be made more selectively in the next major version of Freeciv. HRM#745360
  • Partisans are supposed to only be granted when a city is conquered, but could be granted whenever a city changed hands for any reason (including by treaty. Surprise!) HRM#759770
  • When a unit such as a Leader was cargo on a transport that was lost with its home city, it could be 'saved' by teleporting to the site of that city. This could leave non-allied units on the same tile (Leader and city's conqueror), and prevent the Leader teleporting to a more distant, safe city. HRM#761808
  • The end-game score for an arrived spaceship included population in habitation modules that weren't actually attached to the spaceship at launch. HRM#757442
  • When gaining free Future Techs (for instance from Darwin's Voyage), some messages showed the wrong Future Tech number. HRM#761977
  • Setting a high "techlevel" setting could give the first player hundreds of spurious messages about newly available governments. HRM#759020

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders Edit

  • Fixed errors in some supplied tilesets that could cause failure to load with errors about missing extrastyles when used with non-default rulesets (such as the Alien World modpack). HRM#758964
  • Font sizes specified in tilesets (city_names_font_size and city_productions_font_size) are now ignored in clients which have their own font configuration. HRM#760420

Changes affecting server operators Edit

  • The '/list scenarios' command was also listing normal savegames. HRM#731199

General Edit

Clients Edit

  • In clients which support setting worker tasks from the city map (Gtk3/Qt), you can now request cleaning pollution/fallout. HRM#760367
  • Improve the display of negative science output, and forecasting of the time to loss of a tech. HRM#756203
  • Most clients could give trouble such as assertion failures when attempting a new unit action after another action turned out to be illegal. HRM#747465
  • The pillage select target dialog did not give the option to continue pillaging, and did not pop up at all for a unit that was already pillaging one of two possible targets. HRM#756325
  • (Gtk) Fix longstanding inability to permanently change the city name font size on the map view. This used to get overridden by the tileset; now the font specified in the options is always used. HRM#760420
  • (Gtk3) The pillage select target dialog has been reworked; it now shows the owner of the pillage target, if applicable, and an icon. HRM#753268 HRM#753305
  • (Gtk3) The button order in the dialog used for transport selection is more intuitive. HRM#756225 Also fix possible trouble with the radio buttons in this dialog. HRM#754966
  • (Gtk3) The right-click map selection rectangle in the supplied Windows Gtk3 package is back to looking as intended. HRM#736230
  • (Gtk2, Qt) The icon indicating a unit's activity could be drawn in the wrong place when zoomed. HRM#731629
  • (Qt) Fix assertion failure in science report when no research, or future tech, was selected. HRM#732483
  • (Qt) Fix a few cosmetic issues, particularly with zoom. HRM#738922 HRM#756105 HRM#738921

Tilesets / Art Edit

  • In the Amplio2/Cimpletoon/Hexemplio/Toonhex tilesets, large unwalled 'industrial' style cities used the wrong graphics. HRM#761751

Help / Documentation Edit

Translations Edit

  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, Polish, French.
    • Incomplete translations: British English (95.3% core, 100% nations, 100% ruledit).

Build/portability Edit

  • The Windows .cmd scripts gave a syntax error when started without a parameter. HRM#700914

Known issues in 2.6 Edit

  • Turn change in AI games has got slower; we suspect this is a result of action generalization.
  • There's some evidence that autosettlers have got less effective.
  • There are still problems in the new way tilesets are selected. HRM#685235
  • The Gtk3 clients currently don't have animation for moving the map view. HRM#735217

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