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RC2 is mainly a bugfix release.

Server / General Edit

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets) Edit

  • Bribe cost for damaged units has increased. Previously (due to a bug) it was halved if the unit had lost any hitpoints at all. Now it depends on how damaged they are (up to at most a discount of half, as before). HRM#763896
  • Huts were never yielding settler-type units. HRM#700906
  • Global warming and nuclear winter had a small chance of occurring even when the client displayed the chance as 0%. HRM#763882
  • A few resources could be added to the map even when none were requested. HRM#763879
  • Historians were never reporting on the "LARGEST Civilizations" (with the most citizens), by mistake. HRM#763883

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders Edit

  • Fix longstanding bug in rulesets with 129 or more unit types; if any of the later units was an upgrade or conversion target, the client would not allow the action. HRM#763984
  • The Lua function find.role_unit_type() can now find a unit with a given flag, as well as a given role. (This compensates for the property "Cities" having changed from a role to a flag in 2.6.) HRM#700906

Clients Edit

  • The number of turns for a path displayed in Goto mode was one too few. HRM#763943
  • (Gtk2, Qt) Borders are now displayed correctly when zoomed in. HRM#756115
  • Various fixes and improvements to the Qt client:
    • Fix a client crash in goto mode. HRM#761748
    • Fix a client crash when observing a player with diplomacy dialogs open. HRM#764026
    • Opening the Policies dialog caused a client crash on some systems. HRM#759242
    • Fix non-working terrain and government links in help. HRM#763708
    • The Shift-E keyboard shortcut was used for both Airbase-type orders and for the Patrol order. Patrol is now Q, as in the Gtk clients. HRM#764407
    • The unit display now shows the extra turns left for fuel units. HRM#764524
    • The city dialog now shows help tooltips for buildings and units that are in the build queue, and buildings that are already built. HRM#735308
    • The battle log can now be resized. HRM#764025
    • The help dialog position and size are now remembered. HRM#764218
    • Change scaling of sidebar. HRM#760162
    • Other cosmetic issues and optimizations. HRM#735301 HRM#759976 HRM#764525

Tilesets / Art Edit

  • Amplio2, Cimpletoon, Isotrident, and Isophex tilesets now have icons for showing units' activity building specific extras. HRM#762838 HRM#762839

Help / Documentation Edit

  • Invisible change to assist localization. HRM#763068

Translations Edit

  • Updated (complete) translations: Catalan, Russian, Polish.

Known issues Edit

  • Turn change in AI games has got slower; we suspect this is a result of action generalization.
  • There's some evidence that autosettlers have got less effective.
  • There are still problems in the new way tilesets are selected. HRM#685235
  • The Gtk3 clients currently don't have animation for moving the map view. HRM#735217

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