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2.6.10 is a generic bugfix release on freeciv-2.6 series.

Server / General[]

  • Fixed handling of unit shield upkeep osdn#47938 osdn#48023
  • Fixed erroneously failing worker task sanity checks osdn#47542
  • Fixed loading acceptance of zero-clause treaties from savegames osdn#48127
  • Fixed assert failures when city grows to freeciv's internal max city size (255) osdn#48296
  • Fixed memory corruption when transport is not bounced, but cargo is osdn#48392

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • experimental
    • All buildings now have graphics tags in them, even those that supplied tilesets do not provide graphics for. This makes it possible for a custom tileset to provide those graphics osdn#48086



  • Fixed crash with recursive autoworker displacement osdn#47992
  • Fixed diplomatic states corruption after Senate blocked AI's war declaration osdn#47786


  • Fixed potential crash in an attempt to use server settings before server has sent them osdn#47663
  • gtk
    • Fixed applying Small Font setting. Previously it wasn't effective at all osdn#48186
    • gtk3/gtk3.22 Fixed mixup in font size, causing size set in settings in points getting applied in pixels osdn#48185
    • Made it possible to offer techs in a treaty even if player has no embassy to see what techs the other player already has osdn#45552
    • gtk3/gtk3.22 Fixed bad padding in theme osdn#48669
    • gtk3/gtk3.22 Fixed bad tooltip contrast in theme osdn#48670
    • gtk3.22 Theme gets applied to all windows, not just root one osdn#48580 osdn#48770
    • gtk3.22 Fixed conflicts between system theme and loaded theme osdn#45601
  • Qt
    • Fixed crash when the client-side game state gets inconsistent between server sent packages osdn#47882
    • Fixed wrong unit convert times shown in help osdn#48377

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: French, Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Indonesian (36% core, 49% nations, 8% ruledit)


  • Autotools: Added year 2038 support, if autoconf supports it osdn#47710
  • Fixed compiler warning about uninitialized variable caused by bad compiler heuristics osdn#48544 osdn#48737
  • Fixed gcc-14 development version compiler warnings osdn#48849 osdn#48850

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