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2.6.2 mainly fixes bugs in the clients.

Server / General Edit

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets) Edit

  • Fix Great Library sometimes granting technologies too soon (in rulesets where it grants techs known by other players). If team-pooled research is enabled (the default), and a team of multiple players learned a tech, the Great Library could grant the tech to its owner too soon, due to counting the individual players knowing the technology, rather than counting the teams. HRM#817118
  • Fix a possible crash when running out of money in rulesets with recursive transports and gold upkeep. HRM#852938
  • Changed how the 'steepness' setting generates mountains -- increasing 'steepness' did not always increase the mountain percentage. The behavior with the default value (30) is unchanged, but with different values map generation will come out differently. HRM#767003
  • Players witnessing a non-allied cargo unit loading onto a transport on the same tile were left with a 'ghost' of the cargo unit visible in their client. HRM#858214 HRM#847413
  • In the 'experimental' ruleset, a Spy bribing a unit that wasn't alone on its tile could give a spurious "not an attack unit" message. HRM#765938
  • Some messages about other players gaining techs described the other player as "Team 2" even if their team only had a single member. HRM#855670
  • The 'Multicultural' achievement in some rulesets was misdescribed. (It counts citizen nationalities across your whole civilization, not just a single city.) HRM#855938

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders Edit

  • Fix various trouble with Lua script signals emitted when a city completed its production. (The precise sequence of events at this time has changed slightly.) HRM#853935
    • A unit whose creation disbanded a city didn't emit the 'unit_built' signal.
    • Trouble if certain script handlers triggered at this point caused the city to be destroyed.
  • The grammar of the string returned by the Lua function (Player):research_name_translation() has changed (from a singular proper noun to a plural common noun), so scripts using this function probably need to adjust their strings. (It is commonly used when granting techs.) HRM#855670
  • When a Traderoute_Pct effect was in use, the client's breakdown of trade in the city dialog could become confused, and include a spurious '(unknown)' term. The final trade value was displayed correctly. HRM#854306
  • If a ruleset used a custom action name with the '&' or '_' characters, it could have been misdisplayed in clients; now such a name is handled better. HRM#857339
  • Fix a crash on loading a ruleset with a particular (unlikely) malformed 'Specialist' requirement. HRM#852927
  • Apply an upstream bugfix to our copy of Lua 5.3.5 (bug #4). HRM#853700

Changes affecting server operators Edit

  • A new command '/list rulesets' lists all the rulesets known to the server (strictly, all the .serv files that could be /read). HRM#854630

General Edit

AI Edit

  • When deciding whether to encourage migration, the AI was not considering all the foreign cities from which citizens could migrate to its own. (This affected the 'Migration_Pct' effect, used for instance in the 'experimental' ruleset.) HRM#854301

Clients Edit

  • When a new tech allows a new government type, sometimes the menu item to switch to it was not immediately made sensitive, preventing switching to that government. HRM#856629
  • When drawing a path, user-set waypoint markers sometimes weren't displayed. HRM#856946
  • Nation culture, and culture points gained per turn, are now visible in the civilization popup and city dialog breakdown. HRM#857083 HRM#857084
  • The client could crash when loading a new tileset any time after a game had started. HRM#858069
  • If the tileset was overridden by a ruleset, there could be trouble including invisible borders and assertion failures on the console. HRM#858072
  • Fix various bugs with migrating client settings from previous Freeciv or library versions. The most likely manifestation was the full-screen setting being reset on the first or second run of a new client. HRM#858207 HRM#857675 HRM#858208
  • The precise meaning of 'plague risk' (percentage chance of plague per turn) has been clarified in the UI: HRM#854478. It's also now visible in the SDL clients: HRM#854479.
  • Remove possible duplicate descriptions in city dialog sum breakdowns, and other cosmetic tweaks. HRM#856260 HRM#856256 HRM#859209
  • (Gtk) and (Qt) The city sum popups now use a fixed-width font. HRM#854005 HRM#857341 HRM#854303
  • Fixes to all the Gtk clients:
    • The Gtk clients no longer default to arranging widgets for small displays (although Gtk3/3.22 may enable this setting for fresh installations if the screen resolution is small, see below). HRM#858179
    • Fix console messages about "out of range for property 'weight'". HRM#857203
    • The popups when rulesets ask to override tileset/soundset/musicset choice are now keyboard-accessible. HRM#857082 HRM#857239
  • Fixes to the Gtk3 and Gtk3.22 clients:
    • The vote bar could be displayed in the wrong location, wasting a lot of screen space, in some configurations including the default: if "Arrange widgets for small displays" was set, or if "Messages and Chat reports location" was set to "Merged". HRM#656550
    • The overview map, etc, were erroneously displayed on the right if "Arrange widgets for small displays" was set. Now they are on the left, as with other clients/configurations. HRM#853922
    • Stop the worklist source task list jumping around annoyingly when adding an item to the worklist. HRM#706351
    • These clients now try to adapt layout settings to screen size on the first run; they always intended to, but it should now actually work. (If you have already run a client, your existing settings for that client won't be changed.) HRM#765941 HRM#858203 HRM#858202
  • Fixes specific to the Gtk3.22 client:
    • The red highlighting of emergencies on the city dialog was only shown the first time such a dialog was opened. HRM#856484
    • Fix detach handles on the main game view being too wide: HRM#854002. (The Gtk3 client is still affected by this, on some systems: HRM#853912.)
    • Stop the main view changing size when different size unit stacks were focused (visible mainly with large hex tilesets). HRM#858871
    • If migrating straight from the Gtk2 client to Gtk3.22 (skipping Gtk3), client settings were not migrated. HRM#856682
  • Fixes to the Qt client:
    • Since 2.6.1, the client could sometimes fail to load its theme properly: some parts of the interface would be unthemed, and the main sidebar icons would go white when hovered over. HRM#853130 HRM#853140
    • The Nations report showed the player's own gold and government as 'unknown'. HRM#857334
    • Opening the Nations report as a global observer would crash the client. HRM#855199
    • Opening the Policies dialog could display current values wrongly, and cause them to be changed even if you touched nothing. HRM#855486
    • The client could crash if, while choosing a rally point, either the original city was destroyed or a target tile off the edge of the map was selected. HRM#830553
    • Fix trouble after entering the 'pick nation' dialog. HRM#858212
    • The 'Disband' menu item was sometimes available when it wouldn't have worked. HRM#855366
    • Rulesets and user input containing '&' characters, or HTML-like markup, could be displayed incorrectly. HRM#857340 HRM#857342
    • The client could crash if loading a malformed tileset with missing graphics files. HRM#857808
  • (SDL/2) Fix assertion failure messages when first opening help browser. HRM#854468
  • Fixes to the SDL2 client (regressions from the SDL client):
    • Many keyboard shortcuts didn't work. HRM#854476
    • Some right/middle-click actions were unavailable. HRM#854477
    • Fix a crash when editing global worklists. HRM#854475
  • Various other tiny improvements to some or all clients. HRM#853923 HRM#853921 HRM#856465 HRM#854366

Tools Edit

  • Fix possible crashes or other trouble in the GUI modpack installers, particularly after a failed download. HRM#858823
  • Add a README for the modpack installer tool, doc/README.modpack_installer. This describes what it's for, how to use it, and how to publish modpacks that it can use. HRM#854464

Help / Documentation Edit

Translations Edit

  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, French, Polish, Russian.
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 91% nations, 100% ruledit), British English (95.6% core, 100% nations, 100% ruledit).
  • The Qt client always displayed nation set descriptions in English. HRM#857331
  • Windows installers now don't mangle the language name "Norwegian Bokmål". HRM#852637 HRM#681314

Build/portability Edit

  • The Windows builds now correctly support https URLs (as well as http) for fetching modpacks, etc. (Both the standard msys1 builds and msys2 builds.) HRM#853960 HRM#833269
  • New configure option --with-cacert-path, to control where Curl finds the CA certificates for https etc. HRM#854259
  • Improve configure-time documentation/diagnostics relating to SDL and SDL_mixer versions. HRM#853364 HRM#853375
  • Don't attempt to build the tolua executable if --enable-sys-tolua-cmd is specified -- it's unnecessary, and caused trouble on some platforms. HRM#853406
  • The configure script could give a spurious message 'unary operator expected' on platforms including Mac OS X. HRM#854668
  • The Windows msys1 builds are now based on our gnuwin32-2020-01-02.7z package. HRM#851511 HRM#852637

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