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WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE 2.6.2[] fixes critical build failures and crash bugs, and brings documentation updates.

Server / General[]

Changes affecting custom rulesets / modders[]

  • Fixed server crash when unit with zero move_rate is transformed HRM#868905
  • Fixed crashes when using Direction objects in lua scripts HRM#880869


  • Fixed crash when chatline text had opening tag without closing tag HRM#887581
  • Fixes to the Qt client:
    • Fixed general memory corruption problems. It's not known what user visible symptoms these had, if any. HRM#859139
    • Fixed crash under certain conditions when entering the game HRM#863839
    • Fixed occasional crash around turn change HRM#857974 HRM#858251
    • Fixed crash when global observer looks at players dialog HRM#863815
    • Fixed memory corruption when worker task was cleared. One known symptom of this was that opening some city dialogs would crash. HRM#887748
    • Fixed crash when trying to use trade planning. This was reggression in 2.6.2. HRM#874406

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Spanish, French, Polish, Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Catalan (99% core, 100% nations, 100% ruledit), Finnish (100% core, 91% nations, 100% ruledit), Simplified Chinese (37% core, 8% nations, 3% ruledit)


  • Fixed Qt-client build against Qt-5.15 HRM#868060
  • Fixed problems in compiling with clang-10 HRM#868533
  • Fixed compiling of included lua with gcc-10 HRM#889511

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