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2.6.3 is a generic bugfix release.

Server / General[]

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Fixed trouble when a new city is founded to the ruins of a former city, and that new city establish a trade route with a player who had seen former city, and is unaware that it had been destroyed HRM#871606
  • Fixed a case where shared vision did not completely update recipient's map HRM#846106
  • Fixed a bug where one could paradrop to peaceful nation's territory after continuing game from an old savegame HRM#879084
  • Fixed a bug causing game sometimes to tell wrong reason of why an action failed HRM#879880
  • Cease fire no longer runs out with an already dead player, making his former allies to hate the alive party of the treaty HRM#879055
  • Made server not to end in a infinite loop after loading savegame with too high phase number. Such a savegame was reported to be created after spaceship was launched but game was still continued HRM#815196
  • Unified writing of the city name Washington-on-the-Brazos between rulesets, so it doesn't appear multiple times in the same game in a bit different form HRM#867817
  • Stealth units are no longer erroneously hidden even from allies HRM#764976
  • Placing initial units is now done in shuffled player order HRM#850656
  • Corrupt worker tasks are cleared. Those can originate, e.g., from buggy pre- Qt-client, and live in old savegames HRM#901938
  • In a ruleset, such as civ2civ3, where caravans can help building wonder in a foreign city, refresh city info of the city owner when one does HRM#907977

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Display of success probabilities for diplomats was off when targeting stack of units instead of individual unit HRM#859761
  • Fixed pillaging of extras that are caused by something else than player actions. For the fix to work, both server and client must be at least version 2.6.3 HRM#861508
  • Civilian unit trying to paradrop to an enemy city dies HRM#870004
  • Prevented dead player from getting techs via Tech_Parasite effect. This caused trouble in alien ruleset where Tech_Parasite is granted by a tech HRM#873692
  • Improved support of CityTile requirement type HRM#877780
  • Fixed trouble preventing Small Wonders from working as impr_reqs for units HRM#884993
  • Corrected success probability shown by action dialog when it depends on a special kind of road HRM#897490
  • The included Lua engine has been upgraded from 5.3.5 to 5.3.6. HRM#889425

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • write command now adds .serv extension to the filename if it doesn't have one. Only files with the extension can be read by the read command HRM#677584 HRM#892376



  • AI is made more determined to attack enemy players that would be easy to finish off, as measured by the number of cities left HRM#855339
  • The fact that enemy city is already empty no longer reduces AI's want to build unit capable of conquering it HRM#872220
  • AI now might initiate spacerace if it's in technical lead and the only one who can do so even if there's other player who has better production HRM#894739
  • Fixed an issue causing production of a player marked away to be unnecessarily changed HRM#904268


  • Fixed middle-click display in case two or more units do different activities that will result in the same extra in tile. The bug would manifest itself only in exotic rulesets. HRM#861509
  • Success probability for Poison City and Poison City Escape actions is now shown HRM#861825 HRM#861827
  • Mine activity is again always referred as Mine, and never as Plant. This affects at least grouping of units in unit selection dialog. HRM#853128
  • Show more standardized information about the actions in action selection dialogs HRM#874621
  • Lua functions City:is_happy() and City:is_unhappy made to work on correctly on client lua console HRM#8811951
  • Fixed trouble when mapimg settings are changed before entering game HRM#886678
  • City dialogs now show correct tile output on the turn celebration is about to end HRM#885093
  • Made client more robust against invalid worker tasks sent by the server HRM#885482
  • Select new music track when music should continue with the same style. It was stopping after the first track. HRM#905818
  • Fixes to the Gtk3 and Gtk3.22 clients:
    • The default for new installations is now to have Chat and Messages display separately. This does not affect old installations with the setting value already saved. HRM#860624
    • Fixed a problem causing Fog of War sometimes being too dark HRM#862511
    • City dialog tooltip no longer proposes selling a building when it can't be sold HRM#885725
    • Extraneous files have been removed from the default theme HRM#894559
    • Fixed crash on receiving some chat messages with link tags HRM#910832
  • Fixes to the Qt client:
    • Map Image files saved with correct name HRM#860076
    • Improved icon selection about Irrigate and Mine activity results on various terrains HRM#861867
    • Don't include plus sign to the display of money gained when player is actually losing money. It used to show it like "+-2". HRM#863755
    • Don't show bogus move points information about enemy units, from which client does not know the truth HRM#857638
    • Fixed warnings Qt was giving about Freeciv themes HRM#891563
    • Refresh goto dialog Airlift information when unit selection changes HRM#908664
  • Fixes to Sdl clients:
    • Made worklist display to refresh reliably when its contents are changed HRM#861461
    • Update climate change icons when ever they should HRM#861479
    • Fixed keyboard key bindings for building bases, such as Fortress and Airbase HRM#861497
    • Improved tooltip and icon selection about Irrigate and Mine activity results on various terrains HRM#861498 HRM#894434
    • Corrected order buttons' tooltip about the completion time of the activity. The turn count displayed was wildly off. HRM#861460
    • Tooltips for more order buttons shows information about their result and completion time HRM#861501
    • (sdl2 only): Don't try to show nation legend in races dialog, where it doesn't fit at all HRM#858718
    • Toggle Mini Map Mode button has been removed. It did nothing. It only confused users by its existence HRM#898649



  • Save multiplier offset and factor to the ruleset saved HRM#908577

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 91% nations, 100% ruledit)
  • Ruledit searched some translated strings from wrong domain, and thus failed to find them HRM#902423


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