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2.6.5 is a bugfix release. Notably it fixes regression in 2.6.4 gtk3-client that present units in city dialog had no overlays drawn at all.

Server / General[]

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Allow goto to a moving transport (but not through one) HRM#647612
  • Less predictable random seed supported on more platforms
  • Air unit goto avoids wait for refuel when it's not necessary HRM#923677 osdn#42029
  • Server does not send city info to clients in the middle of calculations where the info might be inconsistent osdn#41851 osdn#41975
  • Already built buildings are purged from the worklist. They used to be just postponed osdn#41925
  • Terrain changing unit activities are cancelled when climate change changes tile terrain. With the new terrain the target of those actions is not what was started HRM#899919
  • Avoid endless loop with scenarios having bad starting positions HRM#767127
  • Server correctly informs client when loading a savegame fails. It used to always claim that load was succesfull to the client osdn#42189
  • Game refuses paradropping to a tile with known enemy unit as that would only be certain death for the paradropping unit HRM#869995
  • Fixed a bug that when player providing shared vision was removed, the vision would remain for the other players HRM#883225
  • Corrected bribe cost of units with build cost not multiple of ten. Especially this makes bribe cost of units with build cost less than ten not to be zero. HRM#929034
  • Avoid server getting stuck when loading ruleset that has unit obsoletion loop osdn#42301
  • civ1
    • Made traderoute one-time-bonus gold only osdn#42317

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • When calculating action success chance, surviving tech requirements on World range are known to be known by everyone HRM#922369
  • Fixed scorelog start check to work correctly with ruleset set start year other than default HRM#820731
  • Fixed server crash when illness destroys a city. That can happen only with rulesets that enable illness for size 1 cities osdn#41959
  • Server now checks that unit's transport can hold the target unit before converting unit HRM#921940
  • Terrain transform time of zero now really disables transforming, as documented osdn#42120



  • Better air unit handling HRM#924327
  • Better evaluate value of transports filled with cargo for the invasion attempt HRM#872215
  • AI puts more weight on potential improvement's gold effect (including upkeep) when it's short of gold osdn#42195
  • Corrected actual AI's use of advisor when it's evaluating governments osdn#42231
  • Stopped fueled units from unnecessary hopping between bases when they should regenerate HRM#924328
  • Fixed rare AI crash when tech upkeep was enabled and a player had researched zero techs osdn#42409


  • User is now allowed to open a new action selection dialog while another is open osdn#41920
  • Fixed a governor crash when client does not know the other end of the trade route, but thinks it knows it osdn#41926
  • Buildings that allow units to perform actions are no longer shown as redundant osdn#41955
  • Client now logs about start of new turn on verbose log level osdn#41973
  • Don't promise that there's a one time trade bonus when there is not osdn#42087
  • Improved indentation of entries in the left panel of the city dialog osdn#42298
  • gtk3 & gtk3.22
    • Make sure scrollbar does not hide rightmost column in units and economy reports osdn#42167
    • gtk3 only Use proper overlays for units in citydlg present units area osdn#42284
    • gtk3.22 only Get information from correct display on multi-display setup when user interacts with city's improvement list. It used to always assume default display. osdn#42183
    • gtk3.22 only Made tab notice color different from alert color osdn#42295
    • Fixed pillaging of the default target osdn#42168
    • Fixed loading unit to the default transport osdn#42303
  • sdl2
    • Fixed screen refreshing when there's no active units osdn#41683



Tilesets, Art, etc[]

  • Visible_Walls effects from City Walls and Great Wall are no longer cumulative in supplied rulesets, better supporting potential tilesets with multiple Wall graphics HRM#823341
  • Fix to hexemplio format osdn#41923

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, French, Polish
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 91% nations, 100% ruledit), Russian (99% core, 100% nations, 100% ruledit)


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