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2.6.6 is a bugfix release.

Server / General[]

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Fixed server crash when number of cities and units in the game is larger than 65535 HRM#927510
  • Units restricted to being next to coast can now enter cities on 1x1 tile islands osdn#42600
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases trade partner city was not revealed to the player of the destination city when traderoute was established osdn#42968
  • Consider it land bombardment (for reduced firepower) when a ship attacks from a city against another land tile osdn#42960
  • Fixed a bug that shield stock given changes from editor were nullified when production was changed osdn#42685
  • Fixed an errnously sent message about city being building an obsolete building, after it has already been upgradet HRM#921933
  • civ1
  • italy scenario
    • Wrap map from the correct point so that leftmost part of the map is connected to the rest HRM#691812 osdn#42908

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • When action success probability range to show is calculated, TerrainAlter requirements are known to be known for sure osdn#42512
  • Update city owner's info on clients when caravan helps finish foreign wonder HRM#908746
  • Sanity check that ruleset does not try to set nonzero upkeep cost for a wonder. It has no effect, and never had osdn#42994
  • Fixed lua players_iterate() to process all remaining players after some are removed HRM#883551

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • Fixed a bug that GAMEOVER savegame was not created for an autogame with no clients connected osdn#42172



  • AI can again build Fighters (units with fuel of one) HRM#658896
  • Fixed a problem causing fueled ferries to get stuck osdn#41970
  • Fixed a problem causing AI to think its income is lower than it actually is, when it plans for a balanced budget osdn#42193
  • Increased AI's want to conquer cities that have no buildings at all osdn#42778
  • Improved handling of caravans that can only enter marketplace, not establish trade routes osdn#42518
  • Corrected AI's estimate of immediate bonus of establishing a trade route when bonus type is not "Both" osdn#42641


  • Consistently disable help links to space parts when spacerace disabled HRM#853869
  • gtk
    • Cleanly destroy toplevel Window on quit osdn#43072
    • Cleanly free widgets, that have been protected against destruction during the run, on quit osdn#43222
  • Qt
    • Fixed reversed leader sex selection osdn#42936
    • Show default ruler title for players whose government is not known. It used to show the Anarchy title in these situations osdn#42938
    • Fixed a crash before writing shortcuts information when quitting client without ever visiting actual game osdn#43019
    • Make explicit leader sex selection to work (sex used to be selected only when taking predefined leader) osdn#42964
    • Allow adjusting leader of the nation player has already selected in the nation selection dialog osdn#43024
    • Fixed nations dialog crash after a new player has been created as a result of a civil war osdn#42545


Modpack installer[]

  • Made gtk3- and gtk2- gui to quit cleanly osdn#43187
  • gtk3- and gtk2- guis free main window on quit osdn#43074

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Esperanto (34% core, 17% nations, 42% ruledit), Finnish (100% core, 91% nations, 100% ruledit)


  • Fixed compiler warning with clang-13 osdn#42698
  • Avoid use of depracated 'which' command in scripts osdn#42769
  • Silenced false-positive gcc-12 compiler warning osdn#42885

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