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2.6.7 is a bugfix version.

There's a vulnerability fixed in modpack installer. All users of older versions are advised to upgrade.

Server / General[]

  • Fixed some problems in builds where asserts are not enabled. More work remains. osdn#44129
  • Correctly convert it, when savegame with AI level "Experimental" is loaded to a non-debug build osdn#44165
  • Fixed a bug that updated city info was in some cases sent to owner when it was supposed to get sent to everyone else osdn#44158
  • If scenario lua script uses direction variables, value of those is no longer stored to savegames at all. Current freeciv version can't load that information, and such savegames generated by earlier versions only crashed the server at savegame loading time. Lua direction objects will function properly in freeciv-3.1 HRM#880895

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Prevent multiple gov changes after a single anarchy with revolentype RandQuick. It was an exploit, and was already prevented for Quickening osdn#43334
  • Fixed crash with a startunit setting with no startunits osdn#43651
  • Start area is revealed also for the start city osdn#43652
  • Fixed generated team names like Team 1 to be consistent which team they refer to in all situations osdn#44382
  • Disallowed creation more than one unit of a type expected to be unique
  • Fixed the player created by a civil war to have as many future techs as the original player osdn#44737

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Fixed assert errors when lua script modified extras on map_generated signal osdn#43584
  • Apply Move_Bonus sensibly to a unit with base move rate less than min_speed osdn#43587
  • Fixed zombies appearing on the client side when unit was created by lua upon receiving "unit_lost" signal HRM#867958
  • Made lua city creation methods to not allow illegal city placement osdn#44508
  • Fixed potential issue with modpacks with multiple city wall graphic types and fogged tiles osdn#45063



  • Fixed bug preventing AI from changing government when revolentype is Quickening osdn#43392
  • Fixed crash when a unit without homecity has waited for a ferry too long osdn#44987


  • Draw integrating cardinal roads (rivers) correctly osdn#43153 osdn#43633
  • Client's return value now correctly indicates an error when it fails osdn#43870
  • Client now sends the governors data to the server just before it requests saving the game, so more up-to-date data will be saved osdn#44304
  • Fixed potential crash when unit awaiting details of its orders dies osdn#44757
  • gtk3(.22)
    • Numpad '+' and '-' now work for controlling zoom osdn#44846
    • Allow setting worker tasks also when the governor is active HRM#697695
    • Fixed memory handling problem in server list display osdn#44944
    • (gtk3) Fixed cropping of unit icons on the left panel osdn#45254
  • qt
    • Worked around MacOS behavior of removing "Options" submenu osdn#43944
    • Fixed memory handling problem in server list display osdn#44421
    • Fixed option dialog crash osdn#44484
    • Fixed font selection problems osdn#44389
    • Stopped flags on map from shrinking after user visited nations report HRM#857120
    • Fixed potential memory problem after using scaled tileset osdn#45130
  • sdl2
    • Fixed memory handling problem when the diplomacy dialogs are being closed osdn#44687
    • Fixed size of the scaled unit icons osdn#44892 osdn#44891
    • Fixed memory handling issues when selecting action from small diplomacy dialog osdn#45046


Modpack Installer[]

  • Vulnerability related to handling potentially crafted modpack URLs fixed osdn#45299


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: French, Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 91% nations, 100% ruledit)
  • Marked strings for translations where they erroneously were not. osdn#43980


  • configure: Fix false positive when checking advanced threading support osdn#43562
  • Fixed gcc-12 compiler warnings osdn#43711 osdn#43713
  • Fix lua compile for AmigaOS osdn#43571
  • Detect pthreads as thread implementation also when they require "-lpthread" osdn#43561
  • Added configure option --without-iconv osdn#43572
  • Fixed libcharset configure check osdn#43600
  • Applied CVE-2022-28805 fix to included lua osdn#44467
  • Fixed compiler warnings from clang-15 (development version) osdn#44563 osdn#44564
  • Fixed build on systems with unsigned time_t osdn#44886
  • Fixed build when Qt headers require PIC, but user has enabled PIE osdn#44917
  • Replaced strncat() call with a portable fc_strlcat() one osdn#44919
  • Fixed detection of cross-MagickWand-config osdn#45009
  • Fixed compiler warnings on x32 platform osdn#44920
  • Added autoconf cache variable for gettimeofday detection, to make it possible to set it when cross-compiling osdn#45050

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