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2.6.8 is a bugfix release in freeciv-2.6 series.

Server / General[]

  • Silenced some unused entry warnings when loading saved games osdn#45526 osdn#46143
  • Fixed memory corruption issue when number of continents change due to land to ocean transformation osdn#45768
  • Freeciv now uses new libcurl API, instead of one deprecated in latest versions, to communicate with the metaserver and, in case of modpack installer, to fetch files osdn#46345
  • When starting from a saved game, dead players are no longer counted towards ready/unready player counts in pre-game osdn#44621
    • Dead players do not affect whether game can start or not (no need to wait for them)
    • Gtk- and Qt-clients' pre-game dialog "Start" button is never sensitive when the client is attached to a dead player
  • Fixed problems with the filename encoding when saving mapimg on Windows osdn#45507
  • Fixed bad memory access issue after player who had already founded cities has been removed from the game osdn#46503

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Fixed illegal range definitions in supplied rulesets osdn#45262

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • Fixed loading base building orders from savegames older than freeciv-2.3 osdn#45692
  • Stopped endless spam on server console about iconv inability to convert between encodings. Just tell it once when the issue is first encountered osdn#46497

Low-level changes[]

  • Fixed crash when handling an error from deeply included data file osdn#45418
  • Fixed buffer overflow on creating savegames, e.g., on Windows osdn#45682
  • Improved boundary checks in constructing text strings osdn#45719
  • Fixes to the directory creation
  • Robustness improvements to low-level fallback functionalities used, e.g., in Windows builds osdn#45905
  • Fixed re-entrancy problem in getting current time, e.g., if both metaserver communication and regular game (main thread) would want to write log at the same moment osdn#46228



  • Make AI to select techs to research when pooled research is not enabled, even if there's human player in the team osdn#45397
  • Fixed AI diplomats targeting cities that have a id higher than 64k osdn#45116
  • Fixed a crash when hunter cannot attack its target. Now it doesn't waste time hunting such targets at all osdn#46176
  • Stop AI from erroneously thinking that a Growth_Food effect with a negative value would give food osdn#46290


  • Fixed crash when ai_manual_turn_done setting is changed in pre-game, or by global observer osdn#45310
  • Do not show transports, that unit can't really load to, in the transport selection dialogs osdn#45331
  • Fixed client crash on unfortunate timing of menus updating exact moment worker finish tile changing activity osdn#45781
  • Fixed which version of the wall graphics are shown about opponents' cities osdn#46092
  • Fixed an issue causing client quit sound from playing osdn#46426
  • Fixed client crashes when description of unit's activities were constructed simultaneously for multiple units osdn#46559
  • gtk
    • Fixed <ctrl> + <shift> + key combinations to work on edit mode osdn#45802
  • qt
    • Fixed installation of cities icon on NightStalker theme osdn#45451
    • Pop down possibly remaining older tile info before opening a new one. This avoids popups that were left on screen until client was closed osdn#44177
    • Fixed Classic theme syntax osdn#44857
    • Fixed issues, potetially even client crash, with prev/next city buttons osdn#46404
  • sdl/sdl2
    • sdl2 only Fixed adding Gold clauses to diplomatic treaties osdn#45032
    • Fixed installing the fonts belonging to the theme osdn#45433
    • sdl2 only Fixed selection of buildings for which icon is shown in the happiness dialog osdn#45577
    • sdl2 only Place luxury icon correctly on happiness dialog osdn#45578
    • sdl2 only Fixed chatline functionality osdn#45702
    • Fixed the Patrol Here functionality from the tile menu osdn#45925
    • sdl2 only Fixed renaming cities to take effect osdn#45986
    • Fixed the Paradrop Here functionality from the tile menu osdn#45981
    • Fixed revolution dialog crash when player cannot change to any government osdn#46450
    • Make controlled disconnect from the server on client quit osdn#46478

Tilesets, Art, etc[]

  • Fixed unused entry error in alio's hills.spec osdn#45574

Help / Documentation[]

  • Corrected format of ruledit man page osdn#45533
  • Miscellaneous changes to developer/install/ruleset docs. osdn#46146


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: French, Russian
  • Fixed fetching translations of the names of the nations from the core nationset, for the game to actually show translated names osdn#45761


  • Mariadb configurator is now searched by more names
  • Fixed compiler warnings with macos clang++ osdn#45998
  • Fixed build failures when readline headers define system macros because they have not been defined yet osdn#46225
  • Made the code to comply with c2x (likely to come out as c23) standard, as implemented in gcc-13 osdn#46340 osdn#46310 osdn#46372
  • Fixed configure time mysql version check (usually not needed - any version accepted) osdn#46449
  • Fixed compiler warning seen on Void Linux / musl about including "sys/signal.h" osdn#44997
  • Fix clang compiler warnings from luasql osdn#44815
  • Fixed Qt-client linking issue. It was seen with msys2 clang64 toolchain, but could affect other toolchains osdn#46575

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