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WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE 3.0.0-beta3[]

3.0.0-RC1 is the first Release Candidate of freeciv-3.0. Several bugs have been fixed since beta3.

Server / General[]

  • Fixed memory leak with sending trade routes to client osdn#43054

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Fixed a bug that in some cases trade partner city was not revealed to the player of the destination city when traderoute was established osdn#42968
  • Under multiresearch mode, correctly save information to savegame if player has just gained a tech, and should not lose bulbs when changing target osdn#43161
  • Message about unit escaping combat now gets consistently sent from the tile where the combat occurred, not from a tile random unit escaped to osdn#43099
  • Consider it land bombardment (for reduced firepower) when a ship attacks from a city against another land tile osdn#42960
  • Fixed a bug that shield stock given changes from editor were nullified when production was changed osdn#42685
  • Fixed handling of case where multiple defenders may escape the combat osdn#43206
  • Fixed erroneous message about obsolete build target after it has already been updated HRM#921933
  • Bombarding is disallowed when target tile is known not to contain any units that would be affected HRM#848555
  • Fixed crash when force-selling transported units for balancing budget HRM#853295
  • Prevent multiple gov changes after a single anarchy with revolentype RandQuick. It was an exploit, and was already prevented for Quickening osdn#43334
  • Improved user visible names of disband actions in supplied rulesets osdn#43595
  • Fixed message about an action blocking another osdn#43643
  • Fixed crash with a startunit setting with no startunits osdn#43651
  • alien
    • Upkeep cost of wonders marked as zero, which it has effectively always been osdn#43002
  • civ1

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Do not erroneously accept Traderoute range for a Good requirement osdn#42944
  • Sanity check that ruleset does not try to set nonzero upkeep cost for a wonder. It has no effect, and never had osdn#42994
  • Fixed lua players_iterate() to process all remaining players after some are removed HRM#883551
  • Lua debug function listenv() has been reimplemented to avoid crashes and hangs with it osdn#43388
  • Make Good requirement to be false when traderoute is inactive osdn#43542
  • Fixed assert errors when lua script modified extras on map_generated signal osdn#43584
  • Apply Move_Bonus sensibly to a unit with base move rate less than min_speed osdn#43587

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • Fixed a bug that GAMEOVER savegame was not created for an autogame with no clients connected osdn#42172



  • Support sea moving caravans osdn#42567
  • Fixed bug preventing AI from changing government when revolentype is Quickening osdn#43392
  • Don't try to Upgrade Unit when it's not enabled in the ruleset osdn#42574
  • Avoid infinite recursion when the ruleset has special restrictions to city founding osdn#43638


  • Fixed changing the tileset when the topology is non-hex isometric osdn#42956
  • Fixed assert failure when client receives dead player's research information osdn#42988
  • Draw integrating cardinal roads (rivers) correctly osdn#43153 osdn#43633
  • gtk
    • gtk3.22 & gtk3 New Wonders List Intelligence Dialog shows all the wonders of any foreign player HRM#883354 osdn#43043
    • Cleanly destroy toplevel Window on quit osdn#43072
    • Cleanly free some protected widgets on quit osdn#43222
    • Made Upgrade Unit buttons insensiteve when active ruleset disallows upgrade osdn#43424
  • Qt
    • Fixed reversed leader sex selection osdn#42936
    • Show default ruler title for players whose government is not known. It used to show the Anarchy title in these situations osdn#42938
    • Fixed a crash before writing shortcuts information when quitting client without ever visiting actual game osdn#43019
    • Make explicit leader sex selection to work (sex used to be selected only when taking predefined leader) osdn#42964
    • Allow adjusting leader of the nation player has already selected in the nation selection dialog osdn#43024
    • Fixed nations dialog crash after a new player has been created as a result of a civil war osdn#42545
    • Improved city dialog sizing and goto dialog layouts HRM#937959
  • sdl2
    • Don't mess with obsolete SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED environment variable osdn#43551



  • New editable properties:
  • Save comment about ruledit section to the nations.ruleset osdn#42891
  • Fixed saving of goods_selection setting to the ruleset osdn#43158
  • In Windows, prepend Windows Documents path to default save path osdn#43370


  • In saved rulesets, StartUnit unit type flags have 'U' capitalized, like in supplied rulesets osdn#43001

Modpack installer[]

  • Made gtk3- and gtk2- gui to quit cleanly osdn#43187
  • gtk3- and gtk2- guis free main window on quit osdn#43074
  • Fixed opening a new quit dialog when one has already been closed in gtk4 gui osdn#43073
  • Corrected placement of quit dialog in gtk4 gui osdn#43248

Tilesets, Art, etc[]

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, French, Polish, Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 91% nations, 100% ruledit)


  • Fixed warnings like "macro 'AM_LANGINFO_CODESET' not found in library" from osdn#43034
  • Crosser environment used in crosser based Windows installers updated to version 2.2 osdn#43259
  • Improvements to handling on network errors on Windows osdn#42046 osdn#42044
  • Fixed build with tcc osdn#43352
  • configure: Fix false positive when checking advanced threading support osdn#43562
  • Fixed gcc-12 (development version) compiler warnings osdn#43711 osdn#43713

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