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WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE 3.0.0-beta2[]

3.0.0-beta3 fixes some issues still seen with beta2, and is expected to be the last beta release before stable 3.0.0 release.

Server / General[]

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Ransom is given for each barbarian leader when there's more than one in the same tile (but no other units to defend them). The old behavior was not to give ransom at all as they were considered to be defending each other. osdn#42020
  • Fixed server setting tradeworldrelpct to affect also the initial one time bonus of the trade route. osdn#42097
  • Server correctly informs client when loading a savegame fails. It used to always claim that load was succesfull to the client osdn#42189
  • Game refuses paradropping to a tile with known enemy unit as that would only be certain death for the paradropping unit HRM#869995 osdn#42433 osdn#42434 osdn#42435
  • Fixed a bug that when player providing shared vision was removed, the vision would remain for the other players HRM#883225
  • Corrected bribe cost of units with build cost not multiple of ten. Especially this makes bribe cost of units with build cost less than ten not to be zero. HRM#929034
  • Avoid server getting stuck when loading ruleset that has unit obsoletion loop osdn#42301
  • Fixed loading a savegame with multiresearch server setting turned on osdn#42499
  • Fixed server crash when number of cities and units in the game is larger than 65534 HRM#927510
  • civ2civ3 & sandbox
    • Ships with zero attack power no longer cause unhappiness, fighters with fuel over one turn do osdn#42078
    • civ2civ3 only Welcome message points directs user to find more information from About Current Ruleset osdn#42329
    • Reworked the way labels get assigned to the map when it's generated osdn#42708
  • civ1
    • Made traderoute one-time-bonus gold only osdn#42317
    • Savepalace server setting is disabled by default osdn#42266
  • civ2
    • Savepalace server setting is disabled by default osdn#42266
  • alien
    • Clean format by always setting irrigation_time / plant_time to zero when the activity in question is disabled by relevant _result field. This does not change how the ruleset behaves, but is less confusing to read osdn#42211
  • italy scenario
    • Wrap map from the correct point so that leftmost part of the map is connected to the rest HRM#691812
  • british isles scenario
    • Scenario now uses nationset all, so the correct nations from the isles are available and get placed, instead of completely random nations from the core nationset osdn#42939

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Terrain transform time of zero now really disables transforming, as documented osdn#42120
  • When action success probability range to show is calculated, TerrainAlter requirements are known to be known for sure osdn#42512
  • Fixed handling of multipliers (especially one with value of zero) in relation to space part effects osdn#42836
  • Sanity check that space parts have Special genus HRM#824590
  • Update city owner's info on clients when caravan helps finish foreign wonder HRM#908746
  • Fixed helptext trouble with CityTile requirements involved osdn#42872
  • CoastStrict units can now enter Ocean cities, and cities on 1x1 islands (with no surrounding land tile) osdn#42600



  • AI puts more weight on potential improvement's gold effect (including upkeep) when it's short of gold osdn#42195
  • Corrected actual AI's use of advisor when it's evaluating governments osdn#42231
  • Stopped fueled units from unnecessary hopping between bases when they should regenerate HRM#924328
  • Fixed rare AI crash when tech upkeep was enabled and a player had researched zero techs osdn#42409
  • AI can again build Fighters (units with fuel of one) HRM#658896
  • Fixed a problem causing fueled ferries to get stuck osdn#41970
  • Fixed a problem causing AI to think its income is lower than it actually is, when it plans for a balanced budget osdn#42193
  • Increased AI's want to conquer cities that have no buildings at all osdn#42778
  • Improved handling of caravans that can only enter marketplace, not establish trade routes osdn#42518
  • Corrected AI's estimate of immediate bonus of establishing a trade route when bonus type is not "Both" osdn#42641


  • Don't promise that there's a one time trade bonus when there is not osdn#42087
  • Improved indentation of entries in the left panel of the city dialog osdn#42298
  • Fixed handling of the change of tile that action selection is waited for osdn#42621 osdn#42622
  • Consistently disable help links to space parts when spacerace disabled HRM#853869
  • Fixed a crash when drawing a trade route, and the trade partner is unknown osdn#42969
  • gtk3 & gtk3.22
    • Make sure scrollbar does not hide rightmost column in units and economy reports osdn#42167
    • gtk3.22 only Get information from correct display on multi-display setup when user interacts with city's improvement list. It used to always assume default display. osdn#42183
    • gtk3.22 only Made tab notice color different from alert color osdn#42295
    • Fixed pillaging of the default target osdn#42168
    • Fixed loading unit to the default transport osdn#42303



  • Improvements when ruledit compiled in experimental mode for having item removal support
    • Removal of dependant items was erronously blocked by already removed items osdn#42173
    • Display name of the action requiring the object that one tries to remove osdn#42464
  • New editable properties:
  • Display enabler count in ruleset stats osdn#42176

Modpack installer[]

  • freeciv-mp-gtk4 now quits cleanly osdn#42412
  • freeciv-mp-gtk4 no longer claims to support standard gtk commandline options, that gtk4 does not have osdn#42415


  • Make 2.6 resources turned to extras generator placed osdn#42847
  • Make sure extra.buildable is always saved when it has a nondefault value osdn#42848

Tilesets, Art, etc[]

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Esperanto (29% core, 17% nations, 35% ruledit), Finnish (100% core, 91% nations, 100% ruledit), French (99% core, 100% nations, 98% ruledit)


  • Make sure that freeciv's configuration header does not cause trouble when building liblua as part of freeciv. Problems were reported specifically in MacOS build. By default liblua is not built, but existing library is used from the system. osdn#42114
  • Fixed MacOS build problem where files documenting Version of dependencies was mistaken for a system header osdn#42271
  • Respect user set MOCCMD on MacOS build osdn#42342
  • Fixed build on older OSX versions osdn#42439
  • Qt meta object source generation now respects automake's silent mode osdn#42458
  • Crosser environment used in crosser based Windows installers updated to version 2.1 osdn#42607 osdn#42067
  • Fixed compiler warning with clang-13 osdn#42698
  • Avoid use of depracated 'which' command in scripts osdn#42769
  • Silenced false-positive gcc-12 compiler warning osdn#42885

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