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3.0.2 is a generic bugfix release.

Server / General[]

  • Savegame integrity check improvements osdn#44211
  • Improved the way lua variables are included to the savegame osdn#44447

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Also unit's further orders are cancelled, not only the current one, when it turns illegal osdn#44370 osdn#44504 osdn#44519
  • Unit upgrade is disallowed when it's in the process of converting osdn#43328
  • Activities illegal for the new unit type are cancelled after unit upgrade and conversion osdn#44410
  • When a city is disbanded to an unit, and that unit cannot stay at the spot, it now can escape to neighboring tile HRM#692482
  • Supplied scenarios have been refreshed to match how 3.0.1 saves them osdn#44152
  • Destroyed cities are now removed from the maps of players seeing them through Reveal_Cities' effect, like the one civ1 ruleset Apollo Program gives osdn#444028
  • Fixed generated team names like Team 1 to be consistent which team they refer to in all situations osdn#44382
  • Corrected the number of "other units killed" when the attacked tile has also unreachable units osdn#44416
  • Fixed bookkeeping of number of techs known, when one is about to receive a tech but fails to do so. This affects research cost of later techs osdn#44593
  • Prevented startunits setting from creating multiple units of a type that is supposed to be unique osdn#44685
  • Fixed the player created by a civil war to have as many future techs as the original player osdn#44737
  • experimental
    • Upkeep of Engineers is now switched to gold once the player knows The Corporation osdn#43848
  • Europe 1900 WWI scenario
    • Added missing information for tex AI module osdn#44445

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Check that resources have "extra" defined now works correctly osdn#44191
  • Fixed zombies appearing on the client side when unit was created by lua upon receiving "unit_lost" signal HRM#867958
  • Made lua city creation methods to not allow illegal city placement osdn#44508
  • Improved ruleset load time checking against illegal city_size values for units for which it's relevant osdn#44730
  • Log messages about ruleset errors are less likely to get cut. They can now be as long as other log messages osdn#44704

Changes affecting server operators[]

  • Fixed /create command used midgame not to assume that there's a dead player's slot for it to take when there is not osdn#44495
  • maxplayers setting can now be changed also after the game has started osdn#44567
  • /create command used midgame now respects maxplayers setting osdn#44185

Low-level changes[]

  • Improved freeciv's idea of what are the minimum and maximum values an effect can ever reach in a given ruleset. This allows both gui and AI to adjust better to the ruleset osdn#44303
  • Fixed chance for a diplomat to win a battle sometimes being over 100% osdn#44291



  • Client now sends the governors data to the server just before it requests saving the game, so more up-to-date data will be saved osdn#44304
  • freeciv-3.1 development version scenarios are no longer listed as compatible with freeciv-3.0 osdn#44452
  • Fixed potential crash when unit awaiting details of its orders dies osdn#44757
  • gtk
    • Added tooltip for the "Size" line in the city dialog osdn#44515
  • qt
    • Added tooltip for the "Size" line in the city dialog osdn#44409
    • Fixed memory handling problem in server list display osdn#44421
    • Fixed option dialog crash osdn#44484
  • sdl2
    • Fixed memory handling problem when the diplomacy dialogs are being closed osdn#44687



  • Have the "same name" toggle consistenly toggled initially in all tabs osdn#44140
  • Made the initial size of the window bigger HRM#721403


  • Fixed rare case of some resources not loading correctly from a 2.6 ruleset osdn#44190
  • Fixed upgrading activities of units doing terrain transforming Irrigation on Mine activitity in a 2.6 ruleset osdn#44591

Tilesets, Art, etc[]

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: French, Polish, Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Catalan (99% core, 100% nations, 100% ruledit), Finnish (100% core, 91% nations, 100% ruledit), German (76% core, 85% nations, 5% ruledit)
  • Marked strings for translations where they erroneously were not. osdn#44556


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