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3.0.3 is a bugfix release.

There's a vulnerability fixed in modpack installer. All users of older versions are advised to upgrade.

Default metaserver connection URL and URL used to fetch default modpack list have been updated to use https -protocol. This should cause no problems if https has been working for you all the time. However, if it was already broken (e.g. you couldn't download modpacks located on https even with earlier freeciv version), this makes the problem worse for you. The most likely cause for any problems with https is that root certificates (cacerts) are not set up properly. From freeciv side, building with the configuration option --with-cacert-path may help. In case everything else fails, we provide, for now, a .project file that you can use to build freeciv so that metaserver and modpack list default URLs still use http:

--with-project-definition=<freeciv srcdir>/bootstrap/http.project

We won't support that on freeciv-3.1.

Server / General[]

  • Sanity check, and fix, player researched techs count loaded from the savegame. Older versions may have saved miscounted value osdn#44595
  • Disallowed creation more than one unit of a type expected to be unique
  • Fixed IPv6 LAN announcement handling HRM#912661
  • Fixed some "unused entry" warnings when loading saved game osdn#44958
  • City worker gets removed from a tile that gets fogged for the owner HRM#697685
  • Default metaserver access is set to use https-protocol osdn#44806
  • Disallowed creation more than maxplayers players from the editor osdn#44811

Changes affecting players (supplied rulesets)[]

  • Legality of the activities of the units in the surrounding tiles are checked also when the tile terrain changes because of climate change osdn#44155

Changes affecting other rulesets / modders[]

  • Improved handling of lua-script initiated unit owner change. osdn#44778 osdn#45056
  • Animals are initially placed further away from the players HRM#697677
  • Added sanity check that resources defined for the terrains really are resources osdn#45099
  • Fixed client end problems in receiving requirements of type NationGroup osdn#45109
  • Fixed potential issue with modpacks with multiple city wall graphic types and fogged tiles osdn#45063



  • Fixed AI want for techs providing paradropping units osdn#44926
  • Fixed crash when a unit without homecity has waited for a ferry too long osdn#44987
  • AI no longer revolts to get rid of Senate, if it would not help osdn#44847


  • gtk
    • Log initialization failures instead of just quitting osdn#44118
    • Numpad '+' and '-' now work for controlling zoom osdn#44846
    • Allow setting worker tasks also when the governor is active HRM#697695
    • Fixed memory handling problem in server list display osdn#44944
    • Transport selection dialog will show up when loading unit with L)oad key osdn#43950
  • qt
    • Fixed font selection problems osdn#44389 osdn#44906
    • Raise dialogs when they are accessed again. On macOS they often ended behind the main window before this osdn#43943 osdn#44851
    • Fixed changing color options from the options dialog osdn#44947
    • Display intelligence information about Wonders osdn#44990
    • Stopped flags on map from shrinking after user visited nations report HRM#857120
    • Make diplomacy dialog UI adjustments for disabled trading_gold server setting more sane osdn#45149
    • Made intelligence information display higher by one line of text, in case leader title wraps to two lines osdn#45191
    • Fixed potential memory problem after using scaled tileset osdn#45130
  • sdl2
    • Fixed size of the scaled unit icons osdn#44892 osdn#44891
    • Intelligence dialog can now be always opened, as it has some information even when players have no contact osdn#44991
    • Fixed memory handling issues when selecting action from small diplomacy dialog osdn#45046


Modpack installer[]

  • Default modpack list accessed by https-protocol osdn#44807
  • Vulnerability related to handling potentially crafted modpack URLs fixed osdn#45299

Tilesets, Art, etc[]

Help / Documentation[]


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Catalan, French, Polish, Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 91% nations, 100% ruledit)
  • Marked more strings for translations osdn#44957


  • Added configure option --with-localedir osdn#44525
  • Windows msys2 environment updated to 220529 (29-May-22) snapshot osdn#44056
  • Warn when building gtk3-client instead of gtk3.22-client when dependencies of latter would be available osdn#44792
  • Fixed some clang analyzer warnings osdn#44679 osdn#44617 osdn#44856 osdn#44937 osdn#44833 osdn#44897
  • Fixed build on systems with unsigned time_t osdn#44886
  • Fixed build when Qt headers require PIC, but user has enabled PIE osdn#44917
  • Flatpak safety improvements
    • Give permissions only to .freeciv subdirectory, not entire home directory osdn#44925
    • Prefer wayland osdn#45103
  • Replaced strncat() call with a portable fc_strlcat() one osdn#44919
  • Provide http.project configuration osdn#45071
  • Fixed detection of cross-MagickWand-config osdn#45009
  • Fixed compiler warnings on x32 platform osdn#44920
  • Updated bootstrap files from gnulib upstream osdn#45025
  • Added autoconf cache variable for gettimeofday detection, to make it possible to set it when cross-compiling osdn#45050

See NEWS for older lists of changes.